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DIY Wooden Welcome Sign Made From Logwood – Springtime Cottage

Logwood is so beautiful. It makes a brilliantly coloured sign without the help of paint or the addition of any colour. 

This sign will take some simple tools. If you are about to do a sign of this sort then logwood may not be the first thing you pounce upon. I happen to have a lot of this wood lying in my yard as I had gathered them for fire wood. You may use any other wood that you can find and make it as colourful as you would like.

What I used: Chainsaw, drill, rope, wood planer, sandpaper, hot glue gun, chalk. Then I finished it with polyurethane mixed with urethane hardener.

Here is what I did.

I Used my chain saw to cut some one inch or less thick planks out of a piece of logwood. Here is what they look like.


So this thickness looks like about half of an inch to three quarters of an inch thick.

The groves from the chainsaw gives a good decoration to the flat sides but I wanted it smooth.

So I used the wood planer to get this smooth looking surface. Then used the 100 grit sandpaper to give it a good rub.

Next is writing the word and then just follow through with tracing the letters with the rope. Test the flexibility of the rope and ensure that it can hold as the thickness of the rope may differ depending on the size of the letters you are forming.

I left enough space at the end of the word on the wood so a mason jar could hold. I bore two holes that the rope can fit through. Then used the rope to tie and hold the mason jar in place. This mason jar will be a vase to use flowers to make the welcome more warm.

So little by little I piped the hot glue onto a small section of each letter and hold down the rope on it until it is firm enough for me to let it go while it stays in place. I did this until all the word was formed. I cut the rope where necessary to get the letters that I want.

At the top left and right sections I used bored two holes to facilitate the hanging process.

After the glue has dried properly (about one hour), I used polyurethane to paint the entire wood surface and I painted the rope as well. This is to protect them from wear and tear and from being water soaked.

Below are some photos that may inspire some ideas within you. God bless and thank you for dropping by. You may leave a comment if you wish and I will reply in good time.


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