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DIY Wood Sliced Hanging Plant Shelves – Springtime Cottage

Wood slices are often bought on amazon, however I happen to have some wood in my back yard that I can get some slices from. They may look old and dirty like trash because I got them to use as fire wood. They were thrown down in the yard by the dumper truck that carried them so most of the barks got damaged. 

These days however my wife and I have been finding lots of things to make from them. These DIY wood sliced hanging plant shelves are among some of the items we came up with.

What I used: Chain saw, electric wood planer, drill, rope  and 100 grit sandpaper.

This one is really easy, even though the planing part was a bit complex because of the size of the wood slice. I think It is about six inches in diameter so the wood planer have to be used with some wits to get it right. This is a rustic piece so it does not have to be too smooth.


After removing some of the more obvious groves on one side I bore three holes about quarter of an inch in diameter, just wide enough to fish the ropes through. Then I sanded the top a little bit with the 100 grit sand paper. It does not need to be very smooth.

Cut three pieces of rope about two feet long. Push one end through one of the holes and tie a knot to prevent the wood slice from falling off. Repeat the same for all the ropes and then move on to the other slices.

Now you can hang these anywhere you want and get creative too. Below you may fine some inspiration from the pictures provided, do enjoy and leave a comment if you wish. 


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