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DIY Wood Log Planter – Springtime Cottage

This is a totally satisfying DIY project. But if you do nor have the right tools you will not enjoy making this at all. It took me a whole lot of drilling. The ideal tool to make these is a wood turner, however, I Used what which is flat wood drill bits. It worked well enough but it was because I was determined to make it myself.


Otherwise the pieces of log could be easily taken to a wood turner. But That would not satisfy me as a DIY project at all.

First I determined the length I wanted based on what it will be used for. This will be for succulents so I made it five inches in height. Then I made a circle with a pencil to mark where I will cut.

Then I took the quarter inch wood drill bit and made holes on the pencil mark all around and make them as deep as the drill bit could go. Which is about three and a half inches. Then I just keep gouging it out with the flat wood drill bits until a deep and wide enough hole was made.

After this was done there is not much more that is necessary. So the inside will not be all neat but it will not be showing at all anyways. So I painted it with polyurethane inside and out. This is to cause it to last longer as it will have to face dirt and water which easily breaks the wood down.

I also bore two holes in the edge so I have the option to make it a hanging planter.


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