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DIY Upcycled Tin Cans To Lanterns – Springtime Cottage

This one is another Easy DIY project that you may enjoy doing. It includes boring lots of holes in a tin can then colouring it and then adding your tea lights. You may place them on a stand or hang them up if you so choose.


What You will need: Tin cans, spray paint, nail, drill, 1/8 drill bit

First remove label from the cans. If glue is left back on the cans, you could use rubbing alcohol. if that is too weak then use Oil Paint thinner. If that is too weak then use lacquer thinner. But be very careful with the lacquer thinner as it can cause skin irritation. It is best not to let it come into contact with your skin.

make sure the tin are try and all clean, then if you have a particular pattern that you want to be in the can then print it and paste it onto the can.

To bore the holes, there are different ways to do so. I will tell you what I did and then tell what else others do. Some methods are better than others. I do not think my method of the best, but you choose. 

Method 1: Place a piece of log inside the cans, use one that is almost the same diameter of the can. Then use the drill to punch the holes where ever you want. This was my method, however I realise that I had to straighten back the can because it tends to cave in when I press the drill bit onto it.

Method 2: Fill the can with sand and then add water to it. Freeze it and then bore the holes.

Method 3: Just bore the holes with a nail and then use the drill to finish making the holes bigger.

After the holes are punched into the cans. Now it’s time to spray them. Give them two to three thin coats of spray paint. let them dry overnight. Then go ahead and use them as desired.

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