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DIY Tree Stump Centerpiece For Rustic Home Decor – Springtime Cottage


This piece of wood was basically useless so I decided to put a creative twist ti it. I levelled off the top and bottom and then removed some of the outer skin using a chisel and a knife. 

Then I used an 40 grit sandpaper to make the outer skin less rough but not totally smooth. I also exposed some of the inner parts of the different skins and tried to get rid of the parts that may have insects in them.

The woos piece could be used as is at this point. It looks really attractive, colourful and more friendly. But knowing this wood I prefer to seal it with some polyurethane (or another type of wood finish could be used) because it tends to stain any surface when water touched it.

This wood it layered with more than just one layer of skin and every layer of beautiful. I mean it may look a bit shabby and flaky to the untrained eye. But when I see it I see a masterpiece created by God himself. Some trees are smooth and silky on the outside like palm trees, but I have learned to appreciate this tree so much. This tree has a very controversial history, but one thing I have proven is that the rock solid heart wood is powerful enough to withstand nature for more than twenty years without the help of chemical. It used to be used for dye but it does not seem to be popular for that anymore. I happen to have this solid wood to my disposal and I decided to make and share some really good pieces with it. 

This tree stump centre piece is one of those


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