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DIY Rustic Wood Home Sigh From Logwood – Springtime Cottage

Log wood is such a beautiful look especially when you split open the wood to expose the heart wood of it. It had such a solid heartwood and it is filled with oil which is why I decides to store up on a lot of pieces of this wood. My wife saw the beauty in them and them don’t want me to touch them, smile. Marriage is awesome isn’t it? Well the wife runs the home so when you love her you just gotta say yes honey. Amen.

We both saw that these pieces of wood could do a lot more than just make fire. So we decided to get creative and do some DIY wood projects.

Chain Saw, electric wood planer, Soldering Iron (because I do not have any wood burning tool at the moment), sand paper- 100 grit, pencil, Polyurethane, 2” paint brush, 

So the chain saw left the wood with some jagged edges on the flat sides, so I used the wood planed to remove most of that to get sort of a smooth finish. Then I used the sandpaper to get it even smother.

Then I wrote the word HOME using pencil. This is to minimise mistakes while burning the wood.

Now the soldering iron is not the easiest to use for this job and I would certainly not recommend using this as a wood burning tool. In this case however it was all I had to assist me so I made it work.

There was a screw protruding at a part of the soldering iron which kept putting burns where they do not belong. So I had to scrape away those burns with a sharp knife.

So it did not turn out as immaculate as a professional tool would do it. Or it the person using the tool. So I am not a pro, hence I love doing rustic designs. They can be forgiving sometimes.

Now here are a few ways that the wood sigh could be used to beautify your home. 


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