Mason Jars are so versatile that no one should ever throw them away. If anyone has excess mason jars, just get them cleaned up and some one will take them from you for cash or free gift. The fact is that these items lend helping hands all around the home, from being storage and canning containers to being drinking glasses and outdoor lanterns, to name a few.

This project is really easy. You will only need some white spray paint and flowers to put in them.


I  made sure the jars were clean and free from dust and moisture. Then place them into a cardboard box to prevent the spray paint from making a mess. Cover nose with a cloth of good mask. The paint is not to be inhaled at all.

Apply thin coats of the spray paint and wait for it to dry before applying more. Coat the  mason jars until they are fully  covered with no spot showing. I sprayed some of the inside as well to ensure it does not look mediocre in any point. Some things looks better when they appear seamless, as if no one painted it (or as if it was rather factory made than hand made). I left them to dry for a few days and then I am ready to decorate with them. 


These are suitable for all sorts of decor. The photos below will give you some ideas on how they can be used. Thanks for stopping by, do enjoy the pics and leave a comment if you wish. I will respond in good time.


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