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DIY Logwood Candle Holder – Springtime Cottage

Each of these photos are so satisfying that I just had to share them.

Its amazing what can be made with what seem to be a just a piece of scrap wood.

Here is how easy it is to make treasure from trash.

Tools needed: Wood planer, Drill, 1-1/2” drill bit, hand saw, steel brush, sandpaper, something to finish the wood such as varnish, polyurethane etc., paint brush

First get the wood and make a good observation of it. Logwood is what I am using because of the beautiful red looking heartwood that contrast so well with the sap or the outer portion. The skin of this wood is usually really rough and flaky and insects will try to live under the softer portions. In such a case try to remove the flaky skin. 

Next I cut the end of the wood diagonally. This is both for style and to expose more of the inner heartwood.

So after cutting off the end pieces, this is what the piece that I am working with look like. 

Look at the shavings of this wood, even the shavings and the dust from it are a sight to behold. God is so amazing!

 I made a flat surface on both the top and bottom by using the wood planer. The top for this would be the area that exposes the wood grain as shown in the photo above.

Then I shaved it deep enough to expose the beautiful heartwood. In this case though, I wanted to also display the beauty of the sap so I left a past if it without exposing all of the heart.

Now I used a 2” hole saw to make the first hole. Then follow through with the 1- 1/2” flat wood drill bit o make the rest of the holes.

I used a small wood axe to remove some bumps, this is optional you could use any sharp tool that you are comfortable with to take off any bump or you could leave them. After all it is for rustic decor. Just ensure nothing on it is hazardous.

The I uses a steel brush to remove as much of the flakes and dust as possible, while leaving the harder non-flaky parts on. Then use the 100 grit sandpaper to smooth all of the surfaces.

Below is a photo of what the almost finished product looks like. It is really beautiful as it is so if you do not feel like varnishing, It’s is okay. But you will have to ensure water never touches this wood. Water causes it to stain anything in its way. It is a wood that was uses to make dye.

I use varnish to seal all areas, and if there are any tiny insects that I did not see, they will be sealed in by the varnish.

Now that the  varnish is being added,  I made  sure to cover all areas including the smallest holes. 

After all the sealing is done and the wood has been dried for at least overnight. You are ready to use it.

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