Gardening adds years to your life and life to your years.”

Do you love fancy and beautiful gardens? Are you facing problems to maintain your garden and plants in good condition?

If yes, then you are on the right page to find the answers to all your questions. Gardening is the best mental therapy, and a healthy garden has so much importance for people who love to maintain it.

I know it is quite a tough thing to do, but with the right guidance and solutions, you can maintain a healthy garden. We are what we eat, and if we don’t maintain the natural fertility of the soil, then how can we stay healthy by eating healthy things.

Healthy soil is essential whether you want to do kitchen gardening or grow plants. All thoughts and healthy growing start with the ground, it needs a balanced diet, microbes, minerals, and nutrition. In simple words, if you pay attention to improve the health of your soil, then indirectly, you are paying attention to your health.

Simple Solutions To Supercharge The Soil

“There are no gardening mistakes, only experiments.”

Your search has ended with this page. If you are looking for ways to improve the health of garden soil, then the solution is in your kitchen. We are going to suggest you some simple solutions through which you can supercharge your garden soil for further processing.

Here are some kitchen-based yet straightforward techniques that you can use solely or in combination with each other to attain ultimate benefits.

Use Homemade Fish Emulsion Fertilizer

If you apply the homemade fish emulsion, then it can supercharge the soil in a short period by giving the right nutrition. If you are facing the bugs in your plants or dirt, then this liquid will work as a bug repellent.

It is an effortless and economical way to combat the soil-related problems once you place it in a bottle. The emulsion made up of fish contains so much oil, so do not forget to shake it before using it. The following steps are important to learn before using it for soil.

  1. After extracting the fertilizer, use only one tablespoon in each bottle of water, it is enough to give essential nutrition to plants.
  2.  At step two, do not forget to use the water can because it will help you to distribute the emulsion equally. After pouring the mixture and water in the gallon, mix it well until foam appears on the gallon. Now, you are all set to water your garden with the can by setting hose at high pressure.
  3.  In this step, give your attention to make the watering hole in the bottle. The hole should be at least three inches and should only focus on the plants without causing spillages.

Use Eggshells In The Garden

It is the most economical and easy way to supercharge the soil of your garden. You can use the eggshells instead of throwing them away. Eggshells have essential nutrients that are healthier for the growth of plants.

Here are some ways in which you can use the eggshells to improve the working of your soil.

  1. Eggshells are rich in calcium, so you can use them in your fertilizer to add the calcium. Do not worry about grinding. Eggshells are delicate, and they decompose swiftly.
  2.  In winters, you can use the eggshells directly at the bottom of your planting hole. You need to distribute them properly and incorporate them by tiling them. But if you want to use them in summers, then you do not need to decompose them.
  3. Eggshells work as the pest deterrent; you need to sprinkle them around the plant that will keep the slugs and snails away from plants. The pointy and sharp edges of eggshells deter the bugs and snails by scuffing their bellies and sensitive feet.
  4. You can use the eggshells as a sizeable first seed starter pot by giving necessary nutrients and calcium to the seeds at an early age.

Use The Old Coffee In Your Ground

Coffee ground is beneficial for the health of your soil, and it acts as an excellent ground mulch, especially for plants that love acid. Coffee contains nitrogen, which is very important for the plants, and it will help to keep the bugs, snails away from the plants.

Coffee grounds are rich in nutrients such as phosphorus, copper, potassium, and magnesium. All these things make it an excellent and high-quality fertilizer for your soil.

Make A Banana Peel Fertilizer Spray For Your Garden

Banana peel spray is an excellent fertilizer for your plant growth and soil health. Banana peel is rich in many nutrients like potassium, manganese, magnesium, Sulphur, calcium, and phosphorus. What else do you need from this fantastic fertilizer?

If you want to make this spray at your home, then you only need to add Epsom, salt, and eggshells. After making the spray,  follow the below procedure to use it effectively.

  1. Place the banana peels under the sun to dry them up and mix eggshells after.
  2. After drying, put the mixture of banana peel and eggshells in a blender to convert it into a fine powder.
  3. Now add Epsom salt in the powder to put the whole mixture in water bottle along with the right quantity of water. Before using the combination, do not forget to mix it well and do not spray it on leaves because it does not have much effect on this area. You can add this mixture to the soil for proper growth and add essential minerals in the ground.

Add Compost To Your Garden

It is one of the best ways to give necessary and natural fertilizer to the soil of your garden. The process of making the compost is not strict and does not involve technicalities. The microorganisms of compost will take some time to break into components, but it is beneficial.

You can use trench for compost by adding kitchen scraps in it. The natural compost that includes kitchen scarp will have all the necessary nutrients that are healthy for plant growth and better yield.

Use Epsom Salt In Your Garden

Epsom salt is one of the safest and natural products that you can use in your garden to enhance the productivity and supercharge the soil. The spice contains minerals, magnesium, and sulfate, which is very healthy for plant growth.

Here are some of the uses of Epsom salt.

  1. Epsom salt helps in seed germination and provide the strength to the cells of plants.
  2. Once the magnesium enters the soil, it helps the plant to absorb other nutrients like Sulphur, phosphorus, and nitrogen easily.
  3. It gives strength to the seeds and roots and makes the vegetables and fruits tastier and sweeter by adding natural minerals. The Epsom salt helps the plant to battle with pests, leaf curling and leads them to produce pretty roses.

So, After reading all essential information about how to make the fertilizer by using the kitchen products, you can go ahead on your own.

These are the simple solutions to supercharge garden soil and plant growth in an economical and homemade way. You only need to read the above directions carefully for ultimate and beneficial results.


Solutions To Supercharge Garden Soil And Plant Growth

Below are solutions to supercharge your garden soil for maximum plant growth.


Use Homemade Fish Emulsion Fertilizer

Use Eggshells In The Garden

Use The Old Coffee In Your Ground

Make A Banana Peel Fertilizer Spray For Your Plants & Soil

Add Compost To Your Garden

Use Epsom Salt In Your Garden

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