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15 Ways to Use Alka-Seltzer in the Home – Springtime Cottage

Use this as an alternative fo You Alka-seltzer was made to be used to soothe heartburn. It is known for providing great relief for acid indigestion.

The use of this fantastic product transcends heartburn relief. It can aid in the bathroom or kitchen to speed up cleaning processes or in making fizzy fun for kids on vacation.

Of all the different uses for Alka-seltzer, I’ve compiled 15 of the best ways to use Alka-seltzer in the home.

1. Clean the Toilet

When you’re cleaning in a hurry, you’ll need a solution that works without you. Alka-seltzer does the cleaning in no time. Just drop four tablets into the toilet and let it fizz up. You can choose to rest or do other chores for about 15 minutes.

Once the time has elapsed, just give the toilet a light scrub and flush. The acidic action of the Alka-seltzer will help to lift away grime and even limescale.

2. DIY Lava Lamp

Dispel boredom by making a lava lamp with Alka-seltzer. Strip the label off a soda bottle and ensure that it is empty and clean. Fill the jar a quarter of the way with water and add vegetable oil until it gets to the halfway mark.

Then add 142-14 drops of food coloring and break up your Alka-seltzer into about six pieces. Lastly, drop them in and watch the show. The effects can be much more significant if you go into a dark room and place a light under the bottle.

3. Clean Jewelry

There is no longer a need to go to expensive jewelers to get your rings and necklaces cleaned. You can do quite effectively at home with Alka-seltzer. Just place the jewelry in a container and add 1 cup of water.

Next, drop two tablets into the water and let the fizz work. Once it subsides, give your jewelry a light scrub with a soft brush to loosen any remaining dirt. Once this process is done, just rinse them clean and dry them off.

4. Unclog a Drain

The kitchen and bathroom drains can get clogged over time. With large food particles, hair, and other debris. You may spend a long time trying to suction or snake the drain free. Whatever you choose to use to loosen your drain, remember, you can use Alka-seltzer.

Just drop four tablets down the drain, followed by a cup of water. You can use a drain snake to help it along. This will loosen the clogged drain and allow the debris to flow through freely.

5. Clean Glass Vases

It can be difficult to clean glass without getting watermarks. It can also be challenging to clean glassware that you can’t get your hand into fully. There’s no need to worry, just drop 1 or 2 Alka-seltzer tablets into the container when it’s a quarter of the way full.

Allow it to fizz, and once it stops, you can pour away the mixture. You can also give it a shake to ensure that all of the containers get coated. The amount of tablets you use is determined by the size of the container.

6. Freshen the Fridge

When we have a combination of foods in the refrigerator, the odor may not be so pleasant. Some odors tend not to mix well and cause unpleasant scents as a result. Freshen your fridge using one Alka-seltzer tablet and one glass of water.

Leave this mixture in the fridge for 30 minutes to eliminate bad odors. This can be done every week to ensure that your fridge stays fresh. With a monthly box of baking soda, your refrigerator will be the most refreshing yet.

7. Remove burnt-on food

If your glass cookware is now a hub of burnt-on food, use Alka-seltzer to remove it. Fill the sink with water and drop 6 or 7 Alka-seltzer tablets in it. Then add your cookware and allow it to soak for 1 hour.

Once the time has passed, lightly scrub and rinse with fresh water. If any of the burnt-on food is particularly stubborn or has been there for a long time, you may feel free to add vinegar to the soak.

8. Clean Tupperware

Tupperware comes in handy to store sauces and food in the refrigerator. Sometimes the plastic may become stained with whatever sauce, especially curry. Alka-seltzer can be used to remove these stains easily.

Just soak the Tupperware in a solution of Alka-seltzer and water, and the stains will be easy to wipe away. For this hack, you can also add vinegar to the soak to make it a lot easier and the timespan a lot shorter.

9. Catch Fish

Alka-seltzer can be used to increase your chances of a catch when fishing. Just throw out the line and throw half of a tablet as close to the line as possible. The fish will be attracted to the bubbles that form and come closer and closer.

You can even place a piece of the tablet inside a hollow plastic tube jig. Throw it in the water, and it will sink and send up a lot of bubbles.

10. Wash Whites

Washing whites can be a challenge with the presence of stains and visible dirt. This solution will also remove deodorant stains. Just create a soak with 1 gallon of warm water and 2 or 3 Alka-seltzer tablets.

Drop your whites in and allow them to sit for an hour. Once the time has passed, just run the washing machine or hand wash and allow them to dry. Your whites will be spotless and bright.

11. Soothe Bug Bites

If you live in a warm climate or have warm weather, you may also experience frequent mosquito and bug bites. Use Alka-seltzer to soothe this by creating a solution of 1 cup of water and one tablet.

Soak a cotton ball in this solution and rest it on the bite. Leave it in place for 1 hour to see how much better it feels. Use this as an alternative for children or adults with sensitive skin or allergies.

12. Soothe a UTI

You will be able to recognize the symptoms of a urinary tract infection if they occur frequently.  As soon can you notice signs of a UTI, create a solution of 1 cup of water and one Alka-seltzer tablet. Drink this, and it will reverse the symptoms.

If you catch it early enough, it may even get rid of the infection. See a doctor to confirm that the UTI is completely gone. It is important to note that Alka-seltzer contains aspirin. Avoid this method if you are allergic or if you’ve already taken aspirin in the last 8-12 hours.

13. Clean the Coffee Maker

After a while, that morning cup-a-joe begins to taste a bit stale. Alka-seltzer can help to make it better. Just clean your coffee machine. Fill the chamber of the coffee maker with water and drop in 4 Alka-seltzer tablets.

Let it work for 15 minutes before running the brew cycle. Run the brew cycle thoroughly then rinse the chamber several times. Run the brew cycle lastly with fresh water before proceeding to make your coffee.

14. All-purpose Cleaner

If you need an environmentally friendly all-purpose cleaner, you can easily make one at home with Alka-seltzer and water. Add 4 or 5 tablets of Alka-seltzer to 1 liter of water in a spray bottle.

Once the fizzing subsides, use this to clean surfaces in the bathroom or kitchen. Use this all-purpose cleaner as a vacuum solution for your carpets and floors. You can also add essential oils to give it a unique scent.

15. Clean your Water Cooler

For water and drink coolers, hard water and drink stains may build up on the sides. It may be intimidating to clean these as they are usually big, bulky, and difficult to scrub. There may also be fears of damaging the plastic trying to get stains out. The solution is simple.

Fill the cooler halfway with warm water and drop 5-6 Alka-seltzer tablets inside. Close it and allow it to sit for 15 minutes. Your cooler will be ready for use once you rinse it clean after the 15 minutes.

If you run into a pickle and need to remove a stain, clean something that would be otherwise difficult to clean or soothe an infection or insect bite, you can reach for a capsule of Alka-seltzer.

Add this to your cleaning solution to intensify the effect, or use it by itself. If you have any other use for Alka-seltzer, feel free to leave a comment below, telling us about it.

15 Ways to Use Alka-Seltzer in the Home

Alka-Seltzer can be used for more than soothing heartburn. Here are 15 other ways in which Alka-Seltzer can be used in the home.


    1. Clean the Toilet
    2. Make a DIY Lava Lamp
    3. Clean Jewelry
    4. Unclog your Drain
    5. Clean Glass Vases
    6. Freshen the Fridge
    7. Remove burnt-on food
    8. Clean Tupperware
    9. Can be used to Catch Fish
    10. Used in washing Whites
    11. Used to Soothe Bug Bites
    12. Soothe a UTI
    13. Can be used Clean the Coffee Maker
    14. All-purpose Cleaner
    15. Can be used to Clean your Water Cooler

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