Hello, my avid readers my aim today is to share multiple ways to use one household product  ” Dawn dish soap ” to do a number of different cleaning jobs around your home. This I will share with you with the intention to help you save time and money.

1.  Using Dawn to clean  garden tools 

Most times after spending time in the garden preparing the bed or planting something new you may want to take a break before cleaning your gardening tools.

A great way to make the cleaning of those tools easy when you are through resting is by placing them in a bucket of water with a half cup of Dawn dish soap.  Allow that to sit for half-hour.  After soaking a steel brush can be used to scrub the tools then rinse them and leave to dry before storing them again.

2. Using Dawn to Rid your pets of fleas

Keeping our pets clean can sometimes be a challenge especially when they not so fond of taking a bath.  Or if the shampoo from the pet store contains something that may irritate them in one way or another luckily for us there is Dawn.

Dawn will not irritate the eyes of your pet during a bath if it should come in contact with there eyes. It reduces surface tension during a warm bath for your pet which causes fleas to sink and drown.

Dawn will never irritate the skin of your pet when used to give them a bath the pet can be soaked in a bath for at least five minutes.

The active ingredient in  Dawn gets rid of oil or grease that the pet picks up while playing.

3. How to use Dawn to Kill Ants

Seeing ants invading your kitchen counter sometimes can make you feel like you are either doing something wrong or they are invading to take over the kitchen.  Ever noticed even after dosing them with insect spray shortly after the dead ones disappears as is they were casualties of war and before long you will start seeing more ants lurking quite irritating I tell.  Not to worry when your can is empty and the next wave comes out.

Dawn Dish Soap can be used to get rid of ants in a quick and easy way. Spray a mixture of water and Dawn directly onto countertops, floors, sinks, or wherever the ants seem to be.

This will leave behind a sticky layer that traps the ant trying to walk across. It is also safe for kids and pets, so you don’t have to worry about any harsh chemicals.

4. Homemade Insecticide using Dawn

One of the most disheartening things to seeing in your garden is your plants under attack by pests.  These dangerous little critters can make a beautiful garden look like it was struck by a plague overnight if they are not seen averted and neutralized quickly.   An easy cost-effective method to do is explained below.

You will need three key ingredients for this homemade insecticidal soap: Dawn dish soap, vegetable oil, and soft water. Mix 2.5 tablespoons of the Dawn dish soap and 2.5 tablespoons of vegetable oil with 1 gallon of soft water.

Pour the mixture into a spray bottle and apply to plant as needed, make sure to check that the water is not too warm to damage plant.

5. Using Dawn to clean windows

Window tends to be like a vacuum for dust especially during the summer.  Luckily there is a solution that is quite economical using our favorite  Dawn dish soap. Follow these instructions.

Fill a bucket or large pot with clean, cool water and add a few drops of Dawn liquid dish soap. Place a large bath towel beneath the window to catch any spills. Use a clean microfiber cloth or sponge to go over the surface of the window. starting at the top and working down to the bottom.

If it is that you are doing outside windows. Use a garden hose to spray the windows to loosen the dust wash with the solution in the bucket then hose down the windows.

6. Homemade glass cleaner with Vinegar & Dawn

From time to time your glass windows will get pretty dusty especially during the summer months.  Dawn has a creative cost-effective way to help you get the job done in style. Below is a list of items you will need to get the job done.

  1. 1/4 cup White Vinegar.
  2. 1 cup Water.
  3. 2 to 3 drops Dawn Dish Soap.
  4. Spray Bottle.

Fill a clean, 1-quart spray bottle with the solution. Spray it directly on the glass, and then wipe the glass with dry paper towels or soft cloths. Allow the mist to sit on the window to soften stubborn grime if necessary, especially on kitchen windows with a greasy film.

7. How to remove grease from clothes 

We get greasy mishaps from time to time while cooking, eating and at worst taking a look at the oil level in our car.  And you all know grease takes more than a regular wash to get rid of. However, Dawn has created a way to fix this in addition with other household products.  Here is how it works.

Apply enough Dawn to cover the soiled area of the cotton/poly cotton fabric with a small squirt of Dawn, about the size of a button. Use your fingers to rub Dawn over the entire stained area and allow a few minutes to let the soap set.

Wash away the stain…Dry.

8. How to use dawn to remove hair dye

Dawn dish soap will help fade hair color quickly due to high sulfate levels, therefore a good washing with the dish soap can help remove excess hair dye quickly. Shampoo your hair with a small amount of Dawn.

You will immediately see some of the hair dye being washed down the drain.

Repeat if necessary and add a deep conditioner, as using the dishwashing liquid is a drying method of lightening hair

Mix a bit of Dawn into your regular shampoo

9. How to use dawn to clean toilet


Ever have a clogged toilet and no drain cleaner. I bet you didn’t know that your Dawn dish soap can be used to effectively unclog your toilet.  Check out the simple method mentioned here.

Pour one cup of Dawn liquid dish detergent into the toilet bowl and let it sit for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, pour a bucket of hot water from waist height into the toilet bowl to clear it out.

Use a toilet brush to scrub the inside of the bowl and under the rim of the seat with the mixture of warm water and before flushing.

Mix one ( 1 ) one cup of Dawn and one ( 1 ) cup vinegar in 1 gallon of water and fill a spray bottle with the solution, this can be spray on to any stain left in the bold and under the rim of the toilet allow to sit 15 minutes, then scrub ad rinse

10. How to use dawn and vinegar to clean the shower

When cleaning your bathroom you always want it to sparkle with clean and smell fresh as spring when you are done there is a way to do this with Dawn here is how.

Add equal parts Dawn and vinegar to a spray bottle and shake gently to mix. If you have really tough deposits, you can heat the vinegar in the microwave before mixing for a little extra power.

Spray all over the tub/shower and let it sit for a few minutes to a few hours, depending on how yucky the target. The mix can smell a bit strong in case you are sensitive the strong odor of the mixture  a dust mask is recommended

11. dawn  lime juice and vinegar grout cleaner

Dawn is a multi-purpose cleaner that will help to make tough jobs like the details involved in cleaning grime from the grout between the tiles for this process you will need the products listed below:

  1. 1 cup white vinegar
  2. 1 cup Dawn dish soap
  3. 1 cup of lime juice.

Mix lie juice  plus vinegar and slowly add Dawn while stir mixing all ingredients together

pour the mixture into a spray bottle.

Spray on your grout lines, let sit for a few minutes, then scrub with a soft brush before wiping off with a wet cloth

12. Using Dawn to get sparkling tiles

Not every product you use on tiles will make them sparkle when you are done a wipe and they but Dawn is sure to give you a satisfying result.

The way to do it is by adding  1 to 2 tablespoons of Dawn dish soap mixed into a bucket of water. Use this mixture to mop or wipe the floor.

Your floors will be shiny, smelling fresh and clean in no time. Dawn dish soap is very effective on resilient flooring. Such as linoleum and vinyl, and also works well on ceramic tile.

13. How to use Dawn in a dishwasher 

When doing your dishes for optimal results and squeaky clean plates. Be sure to rinse all foods and residues of such from the dishes before placing them in the dishwasher.  Then follow the step below.

Place three drops of liquid Dawn in the soap slot of your dishwasher. Fill the slot the rest of the way with baking soda and close it.

Select the wash cycle and dishes will come out just as clean.

14. How to use Dawn for laundry 

An important point to note when using Dawn dish soap to do laundry is that it produces more bubbles than regular laundry detergent. With that said it is imperative that you follow per load instructions as they are stated to prevent any mishaps.

Pour the Dawn dish detergent into the washing machine the same way you would if you were using laundry detergent.

Keeping in mind that you will be using the amount required for the particular load size

  1. Add 1 teaspoon for small loads.
  2. Add 2 teaspoons for medium loads.
  3. Add 3 teaspoons for large loads.

15. How to use Dawn when cleaning a cut 

In the situation when you are providing first aid for a cut that you need to clean be sure wait till all the bleeding has stopped.

Once any bleeding has stopped. It’s important to clean the wound properly.

Whenever you are applying first aid in the home, care is always to be placed on keeping one’s hands and the wound cleaned well.

You can use an iodine-based product or Dawn liquid dish soap.

16. Dawn as a sanitizer

Dawn dishwashing liquid works great when you want to really clean up your automotive tools.

Those tools tend to get very greasy after working on your especially when oil is involved.  What better way for removing grease than Dawn?

Just pour a small amount ( enough to make the water feel a bit slick between your fingers  ) into a sink or tub of warm water and drop in your tools. Let them soak for about 15 minutes or so wash and then rinse them.


Next thing after your tools are washed you can leave them to dry or use a dry cloth to dry them. Finally, u want to keep the tools from rusting and the joints from locking.  For this, you will need a WD 40  spray a small amount into the joints and on the metal areas of each tool.  This will keep them in perfect working condition.


17. Using Dawn to remove stains 

Stains on your clothes normally will not come out by simply putting them through a wash cycle.

However, there is a way to take out stains using Dawn dish soap.  What you will  need for this effective stain remove are:

  • Scrub brush
  • 1 ounce Dawn dish soap
  • 2 ounces hydrogen peroxide
  • 1 tablespoon baking soda
  • Small bowl

First mix  Dawn dish soap and hydrogen peroxide in the small bowl pour the mixture over the stain( s ). Sprinkle the baking soda over the mixture and allow that to sit for 15 minutes.

After 15 minutes use the scrub brush to gently brush the stains away.  After this process, you can add the clothes to your regular wash to complete the washing of the item.

18. Getting out armpit stains using Dawn

If you have kids you are sure to come across armpit stains when doing laundry. The magic process that makes the stains go away is this :

1. 1 oz dishwashing liquid Dawn

2. two ounces hydrogen peroxide

mix them and apply and let it sit on the stain for an hour. If the stain is the really bad type of stain add baking soda and scrub. After this process, the item can be placed in the regular wash.

19. Using Dawn to make homemade carpet cleaner  for machine 

Having a pet or kids are two things that guarantee you will have spots on your carpet at some point.

Thankfully we can  remove these  spots using household cleaners below is a list of items  and a process that will give  your desired result:

  • 1/4 cup white vinegar
  • 1 tablespoon hydrogen peroxide
  • 1 tablespoon Dawn dish soap
  • warm water

In the bottom of your carpet cleaner machine, add the vinegar, peroxide, and  Dawn dish soap.

Fill the container the rest of the way to the fill line with warm water and use the machine the way you would use with a commercial carpet shampoo.

This recipe is great because it actually does clean your carpets instead of just adding shampoo into the carpets like many of the commercial products do.

20. Restoring your hair using Dawn

If you are looking for an efficient way to restore your hair  Dawn is the way to go.  Here is how.

Wash your hair with Dawn just as you would with any other shampoo. Measure out the amount of Dawn to use on your hair to reflect the amount of restoration that needs to be done in your hair.

For example, if you only need to lighten the color of your hair a little bit after dying it, use a quarter-size amount in the palm of your hand. If your hair is saturated with motor oil, apply liberally.


Lather the soap through your hair evenly and make sure to wash each section of your scalp and hair thoroughly. Do this to make sure the color in your hair fades evenly or to ensure that you don’t miss a section of oil in your hair.

Rinse thoroughly till hair is completely clean and there is no residue of color grease nor soap running from your hair.

21. Dawn dish soap is excellent when cleaning upholstery 

We all enjoy have a comfortable couch in our living room.  Which some times can get a bit funky.  And that can be a turn off to any house guest.  If your living room set happens to be upholstery here is a way to keep it fresh and clean using  Dawn of course.

For synthetic upholstery, mix 1/2 cup of vinegar, 1 cup of warm water, and 1/2 tablespoon of liquid Dawn dish soap in a spray bottle. Mist the soiled area and scrub with a soft cloth till the stain is gone.

22. Dawn dish soap grill  cleaning  power

Dawn is specially formulated to cut grease, which makes it perfect for cleaning your barbecue grill. You don’t even have to do much to get that grill clean.

Just fill a bucket or sink with hot water and a bit of Dawn and then soak the racks from your grill for about 10 minutes or so. You can also use Dawn to clean the inside and outside of your grill to get all of that grease and debris off.

23. Dawn dish soap as jewelry  cleaner

Dawn is harsh on grease but believe it or not, it’s really gentle on jewelry. It makes a wonderful no soak jewelry cleaner. You just mix seven parts hot water with one part ammonia and just a small squirt of your Dawn dish soap.

Just dip an old toothbrush in this mixture and gently scrub your jewelry until it looks brand new again.

24. Using Dawn to clean makeup sponge and brushes

You can use Dawn dish soap, along with coconut oil, to make a wonderful cleaner for your makeup brushes and sponges. Just mix liquefied coconut oil with Dawn dish soap and then freeze.

Once it’s frozen, you just swirl your sponges around on top and it will remove all of the makeup and gunk. You can also use the liquefied version to soak makeup off of all of your brushes.

25. Dawn dish soap used as an acne cleanser

Acne cleansers can be quite expensive. Instead of buying a specialty cleanser, try using Dawn dishwashing liquid. The ingredients in Dawn are perfectly safe for your skin and the soap has a wonderful grease removing property.

This makes it great for keeping your skin free from oil and buildup that can cause acne. You just have to wash your face – or your body if you have acne on your back or other areas.

26. Using Dawn dish soap clean  glasses lens

Not only will Dawn dish soap perfectly clean your glasses, but it will also help to keep them from fogging up in the future. I don’t know about you, but I always have trouble keeping my glasses from getting all foggy.

You can use Dawn with rubbing alcohol to clean those glasses and this even works on sunglasses. Just mix the two ingredients with water and use a microfiber cloth to remove dirt and defog.

27. Using Dawn to clean  your driveway

If you have grease or oil stains on your concrete driveway, you can use Dawn dishwashing liquid to clean it off.

Just squirt the dish soap directly onto the stain and then use a brush to scrub until the grease or oil begins to come up. Then just rinse the soap suds and the stain away.

28. Dawn  used as a knock off Beauty  product

Mary Kay Satin Hands is very popular for manicures but it’s also pretty expensive. You can create a knock-off of the product with Dawn Hand Renewal dish soap and just a bit of sugar.

Mix the two ingredients together and use it to scrub dead skin cells off your hands, leaving them smooth and beautiful. This makes an excellent homemade gift and it’s so cheap and easy to make.

29.Using  Dawn to clean  tub and  shower

Depending on how many people are using the shower ( s ) and how many times the shower (s ) get used each day one may need to wash them multiple times per week. Dawn helps to create a quick and easy way to keep your shower (s) fresh and clean.

Just a few ingredients, that you probably have on hand right now, will give you the most effective tub and shower cleaner you’ve ever tried. You don’t have to have handfuls of cleaning products to keep your home clean. Dawn dish soap along with a bit of vinegar will clean soap scum and other stains without any scrubbing. Imagine cleaning the ring out of your bathtub without having to scrub it.

30.  Dawn ice pack

When you run daily for long periods you will have niggling pain in your knees sometimes. A great reliever is a Dawn ice pack.  This is something you can make yourself quite easily.

You can use blue Dawn dishwashing liquid to make a wonderful ice pack that is perfect for when you pull a muscle, overextend yourself or even when you get a bit sunburned.

Just fill an impalpable sandwich bag about half full of dish soap and then place it in the freezer for a couple of hours until it freezes. The dish soap won’t completely freeze so this is a great ice pack for using around elbows, knees and other areas where you need something flexible.

Dawn is a single product with multi-purpose capabilities. This gives your home an all-around freshness from using one product in so many ways.

30 Ways To Use Dawn Dish Soap In Your Home


  1. Using Dawn to clean  garden tools
  2. Using Dawn to Rid your pets of fleas
  3. How to use Dawn to Kill Ants
  4. Homemade Insecticide using Dawn
  5. Using Dawn to clean windows
  6. Homemade glass cleaner with Vinegar & Dawn
  7. How to remove grease from clothes 
  8. How to use dawn to remove hair dye
  9. How to use dawn to clean toilet
  10. How to use dawn and vinegar to clean the shower
  11. Dawn  lime juice and vinegar grout cleaner
  12. Using Dawn to get sparkling tiles
  13. How to use Dawn in a dishwasher 
  14. How to use Dawn for laundry 
  15. How to use Dawn when cleaning a cut 
  16. Dawn as a sanitizer
  17. Using Dawn to remove stains 
  18. Getting out armpit stains using Dawn
  19. Using Dawn to make homemade carpet cleaner  for machine 
  20. Restoring your hair using Dawn
  21. Dawn dish soap is excellent when cleaning upholstery 
  22. Dawn dish soap grill  cleaning  power
  23. Dawn dish soap as jewelry  cleaner
  24. Using Dawn to clean makeup sponge and brush
  25. Dawn dish soap used as an acne cleanser
  26. Using Dawn dish soap clean  glasses lens
  27. Using Dawn to clean  your driveway
  28. Dawn  used as a knock off Beauty  product
  29. Using  Dawn to clean  tub and  shower
  30. Dawn ice pack


  1. Love this, I knew it before you posted All. I did not know a few of them

  2. Dawn is also great if your shower (or sink) drain runs slow. Just a couple of drops down the drain. Wait a bit. Then turn on the hot water. Doing this daily has made such a big difference

  3. Your missing one Important Dawn hack that’s is a very good and Important one, one that I will never forget! It’s a amazing COCKROACH killer!!!!! Get a spray bottle fill it with water till about the neck of the bottle squirt some original blue Dawn dish soap till the water turns a nice color of blue and put the spray nozzle back on and spray whenever wherever and it kills them quicker than $h*! They kinda stagger like there blind drunk trying to run away and all of a sudden BAM dead!!! It’s amazing! Just don’t spray your house plants on accident, Dawn tends to kill houseplants if they get too much dawn on em

    But there is One more interesting Dawn hack for you guys. Hope it helps someone, it helped my family….

    • Springtime Cottage Reply

      Wonderful! I love this hack. Thank you so much Jamey!

  4. I use dawn to wash my exposed skin (arms, hands, neck and face ) and clothes after gardening to remove any potential poison ivy oils. I haven’t have any poison ivy outbreaks since I started washing with Dawn!! A miracle!!

  5. Another use for Blue Dawn – when watering your indoor plants, add some to your watering container and water those plants. Amount? Depends on size of watering container. I have about a gallon container and I put about a Tablespoon of Dawn in the water.. Takes care of bugs and also solution can be sprayed on plants to clean the leaves.

  6. I have hard water from my well, Dawn is the only soap that suds up when I do dishes, love it!

  7. That Dawn, baking soda, hydrogen peroxide mixture is the one I use to deal with pots and pans with caked on food. Let it sit for 15 minutes or so and things come right off. I make yogurt in my Instant Pot and inevitably end up with scorched milk on the bottom of the pot.

  8. judy walters Reply

    i love all of them. i would love to print them. how can i do that

    • Springtime Cottage Reply

      Thank you so much for your very kind words. To print, look at the bottom of the article for the card with a white background. Press print and you will have all the tips in one place.

  9. Sally Saenz Reply

    Love Dawn!!! best dish soap ever won’t use any other product as for the many uses that Dawn has to offer you have to try it to believe and you’ll get nothing but great satisfaction. I’ve been using DAWN for many many years. Thanks DAWN

  10. 30uses for dawn is great information
    I’ve had ant problems for 4years now
    But tried the dawn trick and it’s amazing
    I’ve spent a fortune on chemicals that didn’t work
    This was a great find
    You have a new follower
    Thanks Dawn

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