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25 Clever Uses For Aluminum Foil You Need To Know – Springtime Cottage

Aluminum foil is pretty versatile and a quick run to for many of us when we want to cover up some food or do some grilling. But there are lots of ways to use the aluminum foil that we may never have thought of. 

Here are twenty-five ways to use aluminum foil in the home that may blow your mind!


If you need to scrub away rust or mark and can’t seem to find something tough enough to do this.

Roll a piece of aluminum foil into a ball and use it to scrub pots and sinks. You won’t believe your eyes.


Food gets burnt when the pot is thin, but there is a way to avoid that. You can prevent your dinner from being ruined. Line the bottom of your pot with aluminum foil. This is sure to prevent a meal disaster the next time you cook.


Don’t you just love those house plants, but are they getting enough sunlight? Plants need light from the sun to grow healthy. If you think your plants aren’t getting this. Create your own photosynthesis.

Remove a side of a box, then line the remaining sides and bottom with aluminum foil. Place it on a table at the window. T

urn the open part to the sun and place your plant into it. The sun will reflect on the foil which will divert the light back onto the plant.


Your remote just won’t work, it needs batteries, and you are out of that too. Your problem is solved.

Remove one of the batteries. Now, roll a piece of aluminum foil the same size as the battery you removed. Place it in the battery slot. Try turning on your tv.


One of the amazing things about aluminum foil is its diversity. It can be used to make the emergency fix its.

If you are trying to pour the liquid into a bottle, but it’s just not working without a funnel. Roll a piece of foil in the shape of a funnel. Stuck it in and pour.


Bananas when refrigerated just seem to turn darker really fast. To keep your bananas from going bad too fast.

Wrap the top end of each banana with foil and refrigerate. They will maintain their wonderful yellow.


Really don’t want to soil the screen of that expensive phone. You really did not get a stylus with it, right? OK, make one of your own. Using a strip of aluminum foil, roll it into a stick-like object.

Make a tip with another piece of foil and place it at the end of the stick-like object. You have created your own stylus. Enjoy swiping.


Messy spills can leave ovens with ugly build-ups. To keep your oven clean even after it been in full function.

Line the inside with aluminum foil. By doing this you will have no more trouble getting that oven clean.


Keep your doorknobs and locks free from getting ruined by paint when painting.

Simply cover with aluminum foil. This will prevent paint from sneaking through. Remove when through painting to find spotless doorknobs.


The best way to remove tough residues from your grill is to give it a good scrub. Aluminum foil will help you in doing just that. Grab hold of a piece of foil.

Roll it into a ball and scrub your grill. This will remove all you wanted to remove.


To seal a plastic bag, and you are out of clips. All you need is aluminum foil and electric iron. Here is how to get it done.

Place the item in the bag. cover the opening of the bag with a strip of aluminum foil. Run the hot iron on the foil. ENSURE THAT IT IS NOT TOUCHING THE PLASTIC. Do this for a minute or two. Remove the foil after it is cooled.


Baking soda is well known for its oral purposes, but did you know that baking soda can be used with aluminum foil to whitens teeth. Using both will get the job done faster.

Rub baking soda on your teeth. Then, cover teeth with foil to resemble a brace. Leave on for 5 minutes. Brush and rinse thoroughly. You will love what you see.


you can clean your silvers without paying to do so. This is a stay at home job that just takes a few minutes.

All you need is water, baking soda, and aluminum foil. Wrap the silver you wish to clean in a sheet of foil. Add water to a small bowl, to this add 1 tbsp baking soda. Let it rest overnight. Remove in the morning to see a remarkable difference.


To get that old bread tasting like its fresh from the oven is possible. You really don’t have to be an expert at baking to do this. On a sheet of aluminum foil, pour a tbsp of water, place 2 slices of bread onto it and fold.

Place in the oven for 3 minutes. No need to throw away your dry loaves of bread anymore.


Stubborn wrinkles on your clothes are just not easy to remove with just ironing. Starches don’t work all the time.

Try placing aluminum foil under your clothes then proceed to iron. You won’t believe it wasn’t starched. Works well on ties.


If your scissors seem to be getting dull and need to be sharpened. Aluminum foil will help you to do just that.

Simply use your scissors to cut through a sheet of foil 7- 10 times. This will get your blades to sharpen and smoothes again.


Protecting your cash is very necessary. There are machines that can actually read your card information from your wallet and purse. Make your own concealer with aluminum foil.

Wrap cards in foil and place them in your wallets and purses. You will feel much safer walking around with your cards knowing they are safe from theft.


Old brown sugar has a way of turning rock solid over a period of time. Bring back your brown sugar by placing the lumps in a sheet of foil.

Wrap, and place in the oven for minutes. It will be as if it was just purchased at the store.


If you are planning on cooking and want to find a way to keep the food warm. You may want to stock up with aluminum foil. 3

Cooked food should maintain its warmth and wrapping your food in foil will trap the heat. Making it tasty and healthy for consumption. The food will remain warm for hours.


There are many fancy ways to decorate a cake and many tools to use. Sometimes the simplest way is the best. One simple way is to use a sheet of aluminum foil.

Here is how to decorate a cake using foil. Iced your entire cake, then crush a sheet of foil big enough to cover your cake. Gently place over the cake while gently pressing on the top and sides. Slowly lift the foil to discover a beautiful cake.


If your internet signal is not what it should be. It could mean that it needs boosting. You may not have to call your internet company for this as it will cost you a few extra bucks to do this.

Give your wifi extra speed by folding a sheet of aluminum foil into a square. Place it in a standing position beside your modem. The signal should now be stronger.


To stop birds from having a feast with your fruits before they are picked. Cover them with aluminum foil individually. They won’t be harmed either by the foil or the birds. This is perfect for oranges, pears, and apples.


Moving heavy furniture from one place to another is devastating. If you want to avoid lifting. Place sheets of aluminum foil at the corners of the furniture. This way it can be easily pushed. This works well on carpets too.


Don’t you just hate spending hours ironing wrinkled clothes? Some of these are even impossible to remove with an iron.

To help you with this. Cover the ironing board with foil then iron your clothes. The foil will help the process to go faster and your clothes will look better.


Aluminum foil is, and can be an ideal gift wrap. Place your gift box into a sheet of foil.

Wrap as you would with an ordinary gift wrap sheet. Your gift will fit right in and it will be hard to tell the difference from the others. Don’t forget to place the ribbon on the top.

Hopefully, the next time you use aluminum foil, you will not be the same as this article gave you at least a slight boost of knowledge on how to make good use of aluminum foil.


25 Clever Uses For Aluminum Foil You Need To Know

25 Clever Uses For Aluminum Foil You Need To Know


  1. Foil Scrub
  2. Pot Liner
  3. Aluminum Vs Photosynthesis
  4. Diy Aluminum Battery
  5. Diy Funnel
  6. Preserve Bananas
  7. Diy Stylus
  8. Oven Liner
  9. Door Knob Protector
  10. Scour That Grill
  11. Reseal A Plastic Bag
  12. Whiten Teeth
  13. Cleans Silver Jewelry
  14. Refreshes Dry Bread
  15. Removes Wrinkles
  16. Sharpens Scissors
  17. Credit Card Concealer
  18. Soften Brown Sugar
  19. Keep It Warm
  20. Cake Decorator
  21. Wifi Enhancer
  22. Protect Your Fruits
  23. Move Furniture
  24. Makes Ironing Easier
  25. Gift Wrap

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