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How To Keep Insects And Animals Out Of Your Garden – Springtime Cottage

Have you ever wondered why your garden is filled with so many invaders whether it be insects or animals? The reason is, it is filled with the right food for them to come and have a feast. Nothing like a good garden filled with nutritious goodies to invite all critters to come and have a delightful feast.

Common invaders include snails, ants, aphids, spiders, slugs, raccoons, squirrels, deers, and many others.

In order to keep as much of your ground produce as possible, here are some good tips to keep those critters out of your garden in the most natural and non-toxic ways possible.

Snails and Slugs

Snail: Image source

To get rid of snails in a quick snap, place some beer in a flat container and place that container strategically in the garden for the snails and slugs to come and have a drink. They really love the taste of beer, however, they will come to drink and then drown themselves in the process. Otherwise, you can sprinkle salt around the garden as a barrier to keep these critters out.


Ants Fighting for wasp: Image source

One way to get rid of ants is to feed them with cornmeal, sprinkle the cornmeal generously on their nests and they will eat away at it. They are unable to digest it so it will kill them. There are several other ways to get rid of ants. You may see this post on ten ways to get rid of ants naturally for more information and ways to eliminate them.


Aphids: Image source

To keep aphids away, blend an onion in a cup of water, strain it and place it in a spray bottle. In the early dawn of the day, when the sun is not yet firing, mist it all over your plants that the aphids love to eat. They will surely leave the area and your plants alone.

Spiders Mites

Spider Mites: Image source

I think it is better to give you a few tips to choose from to get rid of spider mites.

  1. Make a mixture of alcohol and water in a 1:1 ratio. It could be 90%, or 70% alcohol. Place it in a spray bottle and spray on the plants all over both at the back and front sections of the leaves and on the flower buds etc. Repeat the process twice per week until they are all gone.
  2. Mix neem oil in water, 10ml per liter of water. Spray all over the plants and repeat the process three days later until you see them no more.
  3. This is an old-time trick. In a five-gallon bucket of water, mix one pound of flour, one cup of buttermilk and place in a spray bottle and spray all over the plant to keep them under control. This can be repeated every week to keep them away.
  4. Mix 30-40% alcohol with water as follows; mix one cup of water with 2 cups of alcohol and add two teaspoons of dish soap. Spray on the plants and the alcohol will kill the mites and dissolve and the soap will kill the eggs. Apply every week until they are gone.

Make an all-purpose insect spray

Blend a quarter cup of garlic with two cups of water in a blender until smooth. Strain with a piece of cloth and add one teaspoon of neem oil, add two teaspoons of dish soap and mix together.

Use all over the plants and even on the ground areas to keep all sorts of insects away from your plants.

Most insects hate the smell of garlic and neem oil and if there are any present while you are spraying, the soap will suffocate them and destroy any development of that population.

Tomato hornworms and cabbage worms

Cabbage Worm: Image source


Image source: Tomato Horn Worm

These are some of the most annoying pests you could ever encounter. Use a mixture similar to the one above, but this time blend fresh of dried thyme in water and make a rich mixture. Add some dish soap to the mix and spray all over the tomato trees and cabbages.


Image source:

To Keep the deers away, throw some mothballs in the pathway that they travel or tie some mothballs in plastic bags with holes in them so the scent can come out, on trees that they like or trees in their pathway. As they walk past they will be turned off from that area. 

They hate the smell and will stay away as a result.

Raccoons and skunks

Raccoon: Image source

Plant cucumbers all around and the yard and they will stay away just at the very scent of that plant. You could also place dog hair all around to keep them away.

Squirrels and cats

Squirrel: image source

First mix 1/3 cup flour, 2 tablespoons cayenne pepper, and 2 tablespoons powdered mustard. Then use the mixture to sprinkle around the perimeter of your yard. Or, mix it with 4 of cups water and 4 of cups vinegar to make a spray.


How To Keep Insects And Animals Out Of Your Garden

How To Keep Insects And Animals Out Of Your Garden

Natural methods to protect your garden.


  1. Feed Snails and Slugs with some beer
  2. Feed Ants with some cornmeal
  3. Use a solution of onion and water to keep the Aphids away
  4. Spider mites are very annoying but there are many ways to kill them. 1. Use alcohol 2. Make a mixture with neem oil 3. Spray a buttermilk and flour solution on them
  5. Make an all-purpose insecticide spray with garlic, neem oil dish soap, and water to keep most insects away from your garden.
  6. Keep tomato hornworms and cabbage worms away with a thyme and dish soap solution.
  7. To keep deers away, throw some mothballs in the way! When they smell it they won't stay.
  8. To get rid of raccoons and skunks, plant cucumbers or place some dog hair all around to warn them of danger.
  9. Squirrels and cats can be warded off by using a mixture of flour. cayenne pepper and powdered mustard. Sprinkle as powder or mix as a spray with vinegar.

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