how to clean baseboards

Baseboards are what gives the clean looking finish at the end of your walls and the beginning of the flooring. They look really good especially when they are clean. However, when its time to clean them, they cost us some elbow grease and back grease in the process. In such a case, it is more practical to come up with lazy ways to get them clean. They say no pain, no gain- is that right? Wrong!!! Who wants to feel pain every time they clean? Not me!

Therefore I have for you some innovative ways to clean your baseboards without pain. I can be lazy if I want, and so can you, and no one can stop us!

Just you wait till the so-called workaholics see you cleaning away easily with your lazy cleaning tool. Oh, how jealous they are going to be! Never mind though, they will ask you where you get that tool from. haha…

Baseboard cleaning tool #1

First, gather the following:



Scouring pad with a sponge attached


Bore four holes in the scouring pad right through to the other side of the sponge. I used the one with the scouring pad so I get some stiffness to brace on the stick and hold in place properly.

Send the cord through each hole in a way to attach the mopstick. Tie properly and your baseboard tool is ready to use.

Spray on your dusting spray and clean away at those baseboards with ease. Rinse the sponge, squeeze it and reuse it even while it is still attached to the stick. You can get a good amount of clean from that baseboard cleaning tool.

The same tool can also be used to dust ceilings and walls as well. But that is for another topic right.

Baseboard cleaner tool #2

This one is also easy.

Just grab the following:


Microfiber cloth

Cord or rubber band




Tie the microfiber cloth onto the broom by wrapping it over both sides. Use the cord or rubber band to hole the microfiber cloth in place on the broom.

Now you can go ahead and spray on your dusting spray and clean those dusty baseboards. Now your baseboards can be cleaned with ease. You will have peace of mind when cleaning time comes around next time.

Now, which of these methods do you like best?

Both tools can be used to do some cleaning otherwise from just cleaning baseboards.

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  1. Thanks for the tips. I have arthritis in both knees and cannot bend down or get down on the floor to clean my baseboards. I have been looking for a good cheap idea.

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