Summertimes can sure create memories. The heat of the sun can cause us to go all out at times just to get cool.

This summer virgin cucumber cooler has no alcohol but is mare refreshing and satisfying than any cocktail you can think of!


Imagine you are at home chilling in the summertime and you feel really uncomfortably hot from the heat of the time. You go to the fridge and you see water but you feel in yourself like just water will not cut it for you this time.


You look around in the fridge and all you see are sodas and beers which are not yours because you have made a pledge with yourself to stop drinking sodas. You will not go back on your promise now because it has been too long since you have not tasted such sugary stuff.


You feel somewhat annoyed because your tastebuds are playing with your mind – begging for something interesting and out of the norm. The heat of the time causes a streak of sweat to run from your hair to your left eyebrow. It is now Thursday and all the fruits were bought from last week Friday so ya can’t make a fruit juice. Man! you close the fridge and walked to the sofa in the living room and sat, but the thirst lingers. So you gotta get something.

Suddenly, you remember there are some cucumbers in the crisper, ginger is there as well and you might find a fresh lime somewhere and if no fresh lime, lime juice is always around. Ha, you thought, I will make myself a good cucumber ginger cooler. And off you go to the kitchen.


Time to make a virgin cucumber cooler


1/2 Lb Cucumber (chopped)

3 cups of water

1 Tablespoon chopped ginger

1 large lime (juiced)

2 slices of lime for garnish

1 Tablespoon brown sugar or pure honey

8 Fresh mint leaves


Place the water, cucumber, ginger, lime juice, and sugar or honey in a blender and blend on high speed for two minutes, stopping every thirty seconds. Beat the mint leaves slightly with the back of a spoon but do not let them break up. You just want them bruised so you can extract the flavor. Place the mint in a glass of your choice, place the ice cubes in the glass. Strain and pour the blended juice onto the ice and mint. Stir to distribute the mint flavor. Pop in a straw and enjoy every ounce while stirring every now and then.

This recipe makes 2 servings.

The lime juice helps to enhance the flavor of the beverage and the ginger gives some kicks to the tastebuds and reminds your pallet that this drink is not just cool – it is hot as well!







One Loooove

One Haaaart

Let’s get together and feeeeel alright!

By: Bob Marley

That’s the only song I could think of when I was enjoying my awesome cucumber cooler.

Now go make one for yourself as well!



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