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11 Tips For A Perfect Summer Barbeque – Springtime Cottage


Summer is such a joyous time for fun in the sun. We all have our love-hate relationship with the summer months. Some hate it because it is a time that heatstroke hits, heat rashes appear, the house is as if the inside is an oven if you do not have an air conditioner and you go to the fridge ten times for the day for water or some cool drink.

Some people love it because they can go to a lot of nature parks, beaches, waterfalls, and other water-filled attractions. Some love the fact that it is time to go on a vacation in the Carribean and unwind while getting a suntan.

While others love the family getting together for a nice summer barbeque! And speaking of barbeque…

Here are some tips and tricks to have the perfect Summer Barbeque:

11 Tips For A Perfect Summer Barbeque

Get a to-do list together first

Planning on paper is the best way to never have a failure. Place all you need to do on the list and get them done while eliminating them by ticking off as you go along.

Your list should include all who are coming over, what they like to eat, how much money you are willing to spend, types of food, places to shop for the best prices and so on.

Are there any special needs

Find out in advance who has allergies, who is vegetarian, who does not eat this or that and make sure you cater for all o=your guests properly. No one should feel left out of like there is not enough for them.

Ease the pressure off yourself

Assign some tasks to other attendees so they can be a bit occupied and feel useful while the whole feast is being planned.

Have a raffle for tasks

Ask all the adults to participate in a raffle. Place all the tasks on separate pieces of paper. Fold them up and place them into a bag and each person should grab a piece and take on that task. Or, play the dictator. Place everyone’s name on a sheet of paper with task beside them. Remember no one will want to wash the dishes so assign two persons or more persons for tasks like this

Set up the right music for the occasion

You want to make sure you set the right tone for relaxation and a little upbeat vibe to the playlist. Spotify and Itunes can assist with this list. Get some speakers to be placed on the outside to get the sound properly distributed in all ears.

Use chips packages as containers

Do not bother to get too much of your containers dirty. Place the chips bags on the flat side and cut out a large doorway.  Leave a part attached so you can keep it covered from flies or other insects

Grill Hacks

If the grill has not been used for a long while, remove the racks and wash properly with steelwool of steel brush. If it has been used recently, slice an onion in half and rub it all over the grill when is heated. The better way to clean the grill is to heat it up first. A good liter fuel is an empty Doritos package.

Plan some fun and games

You must not forget the games at all. While waiting for the food to be prepared, some nice games should keep your guests occupied. They should also have some games to return to after they have finished eating.

Stay Simple

Do not go too fancy in an effort to wow the crowd. Make the occasion more of a fun occasion with simple enjoyable foods that everyone if used to. People love to have their favorite foods, once this is included, you have done enough. They will be satisfied.

Watch the Grill Keenly

The grill cooks food on direct flames, it is so easy for foods to get burnt, the simple drip of some fat from a beef burger can cause low flames to become high. Pay attention so nothing gets burnt.

Have a cleanup plan from before

Before the party gets going, make your clean up team. Let them know that they will be rewarded some way or another in order to sweeten the labor.

Now, which tip resonates with you most?


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