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Summer Gardening Tips Every Gardener Should Know – Springtime Cottage

Make Good Use of Dead Foliage

Gather all the dead leaves and use them to your advantage to make your garden more exciting for the summer.  Separate your foliage and use some to spread at the base of some of your flowers to keep the roots cool and prevent the soil around them from drying out too quickly. The summer sun can be too harsh for some plants

Make a compost heap with some of the foliage

The dead leaves are all leaving some well-needed nutrients behind for the living plants. Do not let it go to waste. Make a nice compost heap with as many dead leaves as possible. Enhance the nutritive value of the pile by adding some fruit skins and water as well as some soil to speed up the breaking down of the leaves. Leaves contain small amounts of water so they could take longer to break down if not assisted by moisture during summer.

Use up Kitchen waste to enrich your soil

Kitchen waste can be very useful in the time of need for fertilizer. All you need to do is make some good compost and use it up in your garden and you never have to spend money on fertilizer.

Benefits of compost include: improving the soil, Holding water in the soil, making nutrients readily available to plants, Adds more life to the garden and it also controls some diseases.


Be sure to water plants in the morning as it is the most important time especially in the summer to give plants their water. Give enough to last throughout the day as the summer sun can cause drying out of the soil and cause the plant roots to get hot and thirsty. If exposed to too much sunlight, plants could also get scorched during summer.

Cluster plants

Plants in pots are movable so place then in very close proximity to each other so that they can collectively be less exposed to the direct rays of the harsh summer sun.

Prune Plants

Give plants some special attention in the summertime. Look out for dried up leaves and stems and remove them as they can cause further problems for the plants.

Give them some sun

The morning sun is best for potted flowers and vegetables. Expose them as much as possible to the soft touch of the morning sun and give them as much shade as possible when the sum gets harsh in the afternoon.

Remove Weed Immediately

The summer is a time that you have to be more vigilant with plants than ever. Quickly remove all weed from your plants. If not removed the weed could suck away water and nutrients from your plants.

Promote humidity

Pile up some dried leaves, wood chips, sticks, shreds of newspaper or stones at the base of the plants. This will promote humidity which helps the plant survive the heat of summer.

Mist plant leaves

Mish some water onto plant leaves to help keep them cool for longer. Only do this in the morning before the plant gets hot.

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