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How To Enjoy Every Season In The Beautiful Countryside – Springtime Cottage

The countryside is a good place to be when you need some peace of mind from the hassle of everyday activities. But sometimes the silence could be a bit boring especially for kids and people who are extroverts. Each season we want to have activities up and ready for kids to keep busy and enjoy themselves as much as possible.

Seasons are so inevitable, they come every year, like days and nights they are just another part of how wonderful our creator is. However, for some people and in some countries the seasons are at different levels of intensity. In any case, there are ways to enjoy every season of the year so stay tuned as I unveil some awesome ways to enjoy every season in the countryside


Go for an adventure walk

Take your mind off things. The human mind needs therapy and relaxation every now and then. Taking an adventure walk can help you to zoom in on some of the most interesting sights that nature provides, that we do not normally recognize. Little birds, insects, animals and so on, are just a few of the things that can make our minds relax while appreciating God’s beautiful creation.

Horseback Riding

For some people like me, the closest I have gotten to a horse is watching them in movies. But for some people, horses are readily available to get that giddy-up time going.

Go for a swim 

Ya don’t need a vacation to enjoy a day at a beach, river, lake or waterfall. The summer is a time when the body needs to get some whole body therapeutic cooling.

Stage an A-to-Z scavenger hunt, where you have to find something that starts with every letter.

Visit a farmer’s market.

Pick some fresh berries

Have an outdoor painting party using huge canvases or cardboard.

Plant a butterfly garden with flowers

Pretend to be pirates for a day — dress up in costumes, plan a treasure hunt and talk like a pirate.

Visit a museum you’ve never been to.

Make a birdhouse out of popsicle sticks.

Bake cupcakes in ice cream cones and then decorate them.



You do not need anyone to plan a camping trip for. Get a few friends together. Choose a mutual location. Pack them goodies and get thee out of the house into some bushes. Autumn is good for camping in my opinion because there will be lots of dried leaves and sticks to make fire with. What is camp without a campfire? I love campfires. Tell some silly stories and jokes and enjoy some memorable moments with some friends, oh yea take selfies at the fire for Instagram!


Make a date with your favorite person. Go out on a nice cozy picnic in the woods or near a riverside. Take with you a large towel or sheet. Gather lots of leaves and put them together to make a bed. Spread your picnic bed with a towel or sheet. Lay out your goodies on a small section and sit down like Chinese- crossing legs like you are about to meditate. Chit chat and pretend to be calm, close your eyes sometimes and speak with a Chinese accent. Let your lips continue to move a second or two after you say each word. Eat with chopsticks, use the chopsticks to grab a fly that is passing. Ask your partner if he or she wants that fly in their noodles, if not it is all yours.

Make some wall art

The dried leaves are good to make wall art. Use some glue to paste some dried leaves on a piece of ply or canvas in whatever pattern you want. Call it a masterpiece. Put it up on your wall in the bedroom and if anyone doesn’t like it tell them to kiss your…! feet

Draw a scenery

Draw a scenery of the horizon while standing on a high place. If you are not good at drawing that is even better. Do it and make the experience as funfilled as you want it to be. Draw what you see and what you do not see. Haha, it’s your artwork, no one can tell you what to do!

Go site seeing- Use a Binocular

Go out with yourself, or take someone with you and spy on all the hidden or seem to be hidden activities going on in the woods. Take some photos and get that Instagram page going.



Start seeds in the house in mini green bouses

As you are watching the snow melt, you may start off some seeds inside the house in mini greenhouses to get ready for and take advantage of the springtime.

Start a garden

So the snow has melted and its now time to get some flowers, fruits, and vegetables in the ground. Make the best use of the springtime as the rain will help to doctor the plants and make them flourish


Document all your activities by taking pics and videos, then start a Youtube channel and an Instagram account.

Make a list of as many reasons you can think of why you love Spring

Watch the sunrise

Draw a rainbow

Check out yard and estate sales, you might be able to save some cash.

Upcycle some of the things bought in yard sales and sell them on Craig’s list.


Have fun feeding birds

Make a creative bird feeder, fill it and hang it in a tree. Then watch and take photos as the birds come for some hard to get meals. The winter is kinda harder for birds to find seeds than other seasons

Chillax and watch

Sit on the porch and watch the snow fall and sip on some hot cholate of coffee. This is a good way to enjoy life as well.

Dogs like to play in the snow

Use the opportunity to play and have some fun times with your dog.

Other fun activities to enjoy:

Go ice skating

Go sledding

Go downhill cross-country skiing

Build a snowman

Build a snow fort

Have a snowball fight

Go on a winter hike

Go ice fishing

Go snow tubing

Play pond hockey.

Shovel snow for someone in need

Go winter camping as a family and learn survival skills

All these are just a tip of the iceberg for things you can do to have fun each season.

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