The Cause

The oven is our great companion for some of the best treats, especially on some holidays. If the kids name it, we bake it. If friends like it, we bake it and if we love, love, love it, we bake it as well. From the best chocolate chip cookies the mouth-watering triple chocolate black forest cakes. And when the birthdays and special occasions come around, we never want to fall short in showing off our baking skills to make everyone happy with top-class tasty treats.

Omg, do not get me started with the oven-roasted meats that fill the neighbor’s nose with envy. When those tantalizing flavors rise and flow through the air from the fervent heat of our beloved oven friend. All noses and tastebuds break loose. People want some of what they are smelling.

The Problem

But through it all, there is an underlying factor- the oven is collecting spills all over. From the streaks of tiny running overflows from a cake pan here and there, the grease from that chicken or turkey, or the popping of fats in the other roasted meats. The oven is collecting lots of spills and some of them are being burnt in the process of cooking.

Therefore, after all the baking is done, we want to get the oven back in a spick and span condition for use another time. It is noteworthy that if we do not clean away spills and burnt-on food particles, they can cause rotting and rust which eats away at the metal in the oven, so it’s not so worth it to leave it there for an extended period of time.

The Solution

The very best ingredients for combatting tough grease are:

Baking Soda- Strips grease, eliminates odors and kills bacteria.

Dish Soap- Strips grease, loosen stains, controls odors, kills germs.

White Vinegar- Strips grease, eliminate some bacteria, get rid of odors.

To get the oven clean in a jiffy, just spray some vinegar all over the oven especially on the visible food spills and stains. Cover the oven and let it cool down with the vinegar soaking the stains.

Open and sprinkle some baking soda on all possible stains. Then use some water to wet a sponge with scouring pad attached and sprinkle some dish soap on it. Rub in a circular motion where applicable to strip the stains. Rinse the sponge and remove the soapy lather and then dry the oven with a clean dry cloth. And there you have a nice ready-to-use-again oven.

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