Gardening over the years has evolved to more than just planting fruits and veggies and caring for them until harvest time. Gardening has also been stretched beyond the planting of just flowers for the beautification of your surroundings.

In recent times, so many tweaks are made to gardens to make them fit the beauty and comfort of different personality types in different parts of the world. To make things even more interesting, gardeners are now merging all sorts of styles from all around the world because of access to the world wide web.

Here are some perks you can add to your garden to make it look and feel more like the perfect Eden!

Stepping stones

Let us kick things off with stepping stones. Steer yourself in the right direction by using some stepping stones. The great thing about stepping stones is that you can use any old stone, bricks, pieces of concrete or create your own style of what you want the stone of concrete to look like. You may cut stones that are lying around, join stones together or grab some sand and concrete and get as creative as you desire to get the customized look in your garden.

Bird House

Up until now I really thought humans lived in a house and birds live in a nest. Smile. But not really. When you think of it, the nest is their version of a house. They use straws and sticks, while we use stones and bricks.

With that said, we can set up any creative shelter for birds and place it in the trees and put some bird feed in. The birds may not know how to spell house, but they sure know how to use one. How about giving your garden that touch of having a birdhouse so some birds will feel at home in your garden.

Bird Water Bath

How soothing it is to watch birds take a bath. Seeing those little winged creatures splashing water away on themselves is nothing short of therapeutic. Place a wide-ish shallow-ish container in your garden filled with water and watch the birds make use of what they did not buy, for them it’s priceless.

Bird Feeder

Keep your garden lively and keep those pretty little friends coming back time after time to fill their little stomachs. Once they find food, they will stick around. No need to cage them to have them around all seasons long. They will sing for you at times and others such as the hummingbird will do some pollinating work as well.

Garden lights

These serve both for beautification and illumination. They make a wonderful addition to any garden. The good thing about garden lights is that you can get lots of them that work with solar power. So once you buy them, they will not cost you any additional electricity to have them glowing all night.

Rain Chain

This is an old Japanise traditional way of guiding rainwater from the roof of a house into a specific container using a chain made from nice looking accents made of different materials such as copper, stones, ceramic, aluminum, iron and so on. Rain Chains are also used to guide the water from the house just the same as what a modern downspout does. Use rain trains to spruce up the look of your garden.


A trellis guides a plant that runs with vines in a direction made out specifically by you. This is such a nice way of making your garden look intentional. You may use trellis of so many different types, sizes, shapes and designs to make your garden look dazzling!

Dangling Cascading Lights

Don’t just think of using certain lights at a certain time of the year, you are the boss of your own home decor decisions. Do your own thing, and you will stand out from the crowd. Decorate your garden with dangling cascading lights any time of the year!

And there you have it! What do you think? What else do you add to your garden to perk things up around the home?

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