What is a Garbage disposal used for?

This is a machine that is placed in the kitchen and is used to shred wasted foods into small pieces so that they can run through your drain pipes with ease. In such a case we have to be careful what we put down into the garbage disposal as some things, although they are food wastes, they might have a negative effect on the garbage disposal.

What can be placed in the garbage disposal and what should not?

These can easily be dealt with by your garbage disposal;

Vegetable scraps, most fruit scraps, eggshells, cooked meat scraps, small bones from fish and chicken, citrus peels and scraps

Foods that may cause difficulty to your garbage disposal are;

Some food leftovers such as shrimp shells, and the bones of pork, beef, mutton and such the like are not good at all for the garbage disposal. They are really tough and often leaves a very unpleasant smell.

Never put these:

Broken glass: This is not going to rot, or break down for thousands of years, if the garbage disposal crushes these it will pass then into the drain pipes and block the pipes for good!

Cigarette buts: another obvious thing that will not readily break down, it is spongy and will cost you some good plumbing money to clear those drains.

Seafood Shells: Shrimps, lobsters, crabs, oysters, clams, mussels, and such the like are the beginning of chaos for your garbage disposal.

Large animal’s Bones: Stinky and hard to break down as well, keep these away from your garbage disposal.

Toss these in the compost pile instead of the garbage disposal

These have some negative effects on the garbage disposal and can also cause blockage in the drain pipes; Banana skin, potato skins, onion skins, corn husks, asparagus, artichokes, nuts, rice, and pasta.

How to clean your garbage disposal?


Just chop up some lime or lemon and place the pieces in an ice tray, pour vinegar onto the pieces in the tray and freeze. When they are frozen place them into a ziplock bag and store them in the freezer.

Toss a few cubes down the garbage disposal every now and then to make it fresh and clean and prevent bad odors that may build up from other foods that were disposed of. This will also help to sharpen the blade of the disposal as well as prevent clogging in the drain pipes.


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