Amish laundry hacks that will save you money, but not necessarily time.

The Amish do not believe in rushing things and cutting everything in order to save time. They take time out to do the necessaries and mostly in an old fashioned way. But it works for them. Maybe if we slow down at times, some of the things they do can work for us as well.

You will understand how to use the sun and natural wind as your dryer. Amish people use solar and wind energy to get a lot of work done. Most Amish live off the grid, so they power up some machines using what they called Amish electricity. It is simply electricity from solar or wind energy. They just think they are the ones who use it the most.


Use A Pail Or Bucket

Place some colored clothes in a pail or bucket and pour some water on them.

Add some laundry detergent to the water and then mix in about 1 cup of baking soda. Let it soak for at least one hour to loosen up dirt and stains from the fibers of the fabric.

Place the pail or bucket on a table or bench to take it to about waist height. This will prevent you from bending your back too much.

Use your hands and a little elbow grease to rub the clothes in a washing manner. Wash one or two pieces of clothes at a time depending on how much your hands can manage and the size of each piece.


How To Wash Whites Like The Amish

Get whites whiter in two ways

  1. In a bucket or pail, place about a gallon of water. Pour two cups of lime juice, one cup of white vinegar and one cup of laundry detergent. Place white clothes in and let soak for two hours. Wash, rinse and put to dry in the bright sunlight.
  2. Place your clothes in a bucket without water. Wet the clothes without having excess water to wash them in using a solution of equal parts of water to vinegar. Rub on some laundry detergent to get them really soapy. Place those soapy clothes in a black plastic bag, tie the bag and place it in the sun for four hours when the sun is at its hottest. Wash, rinse and place on a clothesline on the outside to dry in the bright sunshine.

Use an outside clothes line


Instead of burning lots of electricity to get your clothes dry, use a clothesline instead and just let the clothes dry in a timely manner in the natural fresh air and sunlight.

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