Prevent insect bites from all sorts of insects. Once they approach your skin and smell this mixture, they will have to go. But if they are brave and take a bite, the spices will kill them.

There are lots of flying and crawling insects all around us, but the biting ones especially those bloodsuckers are especially annoying and difficult to bare. Let’s say you want to enjoy a nice evening breeze on your front porch, you have to arm yourself especially if it’s summer because make no mistake, mosquitoes will be coming for an ounce or two of your blood. If you have sensitive skin, oh boy, it’s no good when they are finished with you.

There are other flying insects that bite such as flies, sandflies, horse flies, black flies, fleas and so on.

Biting insects that crawl: ticks, ants, bed bugs, lice, spiders and so much more.

Use this homemade spice based insect repellent to ward them off!


1 Tablespoon Ground Clove

2 Teaspoons Ground Cinnamon

1/4 Cup Ethyl Rubbing Alcohol (or use Everclear, moonshine or Vodka)

6 Teaspoons olive oil

Carrier Oils: Almond Oil, Olive Oil or coconut

Filter Paper


Mason Jar

Spray or lotion Bottle



Extracting the essential oils

In a clean dry mason jar, place the clove and cinnamon powders, and pour the alcohol of your choice.

Cove and let seep overnight or a few days for best results. If you do not have so much time, a few hours of seeping into the liquid will allow the oils from the spices to start coming out. The longer it stays the stronger it gets.

I used 1/4 cups rubbing alcohol and 2 tablespoons whole cloves so I left it for three days to soak and it turned out so good.

Now filter out the solids from the liquids. You may use filter paper or sheer fabric.

You may use a small strainer or a funnel to help with filtering. Strain slowly through the filter paper allowing time for the liquid to run out. You may also use a spoon to scrape the sides to help send the liquid through the filter.

For the sheer fabric, you may fold it twice and place it over a strainer and filter the liquid in a timely manner as well. If after filtering you find sediments at the bottom, you may filter it a second time.

I folded mine four times causing the liquid to pass through eight layers of the filter so it could be easy to spray when I was finished.

Adding Carrier Oils

Make sure it is a carrier oil that is non-toxic and can be used on the skin without causing irritation.

You can make a repellent spray or a lotion.

If you are making a lotion you may use a heavier oil such as Jojoba Oil or coconut oil. If making a spray you may use a light oil such as Almond oil or olive oil.

The purpose of the carrier oil is to keep the skin moisturized as the alcohol dries the skin. The carrier oil also keeps the essential oils onto your skin for a longer time which will keep those insects away as from you as well.

How to Mix

Place six teaspoons of carrier oil in the mixture to make the spray. If making the lotion it can take a whole lot more or some thicker type of oil.

Instructions on how to use


Test a little of the mixture on a small area of the skin to ensure it is safe for you.

Shake well before spraying.

Spray or rub on exposed areas of the skin. It should last a few hours at a time. Use as often as you wish without worrying about cost, the safety of produce or exposure to harmful chemicals.

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