We want to keep our homes as clean and safe as possible. If we smell a bad scent we are quickly alerted that germs are lurking somewhere causing contaminated air.

In this instance, we are looking at urine and how to deal with it as it is not a matter of if it will happen but when.


What Is Urine?

Urine is a natural liquid excreted by the body or humans and some animals. It is made up of three main components: urea, urochrome and uric acid. When trying to get rid of urine smell, it is important to understand these three components before we choose out cleaning agents.

Normally most cleaners focus on getting rid of the sticky urea and the yellow pigment which is the urochrome. But then they forget the uric acid. The uric acid is not water-soluble so it may remain after cleaning. After repeated contact with water, the odor returns and maybe two times stronger than before.

The two main places we may have, been affected by urine are the bathroom and the carpet. One is done by our dear human counterparts and the other by our beloved pets.

One is easier to deal with but both are annoying to deal with at times.

The easier one in my view is the bathroom, even though it may be the most often to occur.

Three ways to get rid of the urine in the bathroom.

  1. One way to eliminate all the hassle is sprinkling baking soda all over the toilet bowl and its surrounding areas. Grab a spray bottle with my citrus scented vinegar and spray all over the areas that were sprinkled with baking soda. I get to watch a fun fizzing action and then I wipe it all up with a clean cloth.
  2.  The other way is to sprinkle the bowl and its surroundings with baking soda and a little detergent or dish soap. Leave it for 20 minutes and cut a lemon in half and use one half of the lemon to scrub the surface of the toilet all over and the other half to rub the areas around it. Then wipe away with a damp cloth. Urine scent will be all gone for the moment. Till they pee again…
  3. The next solution is to make a DIY spray with essential oil. In a spray bottle mix half cup of white vinegar with half cup water, quarter cup hydrogen peroxide and 10 drops of lemon essential oil. Mix well and leave that in the bathroom with a commandment to spray on bowl after every use and wipe away with tissue and flush. Then you will eliminate the scent problem.

If the floor is affected, I use the same baking soda and vinegar action but then the mop is the option for cleaning the floor.

To remove cat urine

Dissolve vinegar in water, in proportions 1:3.  Apply it to the surface. Leave the liquid to soak and dry or pat the stain with a towel.

Sprinkle it with baking soda. Dissolve a tablespoon of washing up liquid in 100ml of 3% hydrogen peroxide solution and rub into the surface of soda. Let the stain dry completely then remove the dry soda with a clean sponge, or use a vacuum cleaner. Apply a natural scent to the area to discourage your cat from returning to the area. Citrus and tea tree oil are good for this.


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