We will start to love the idea of cleaning the home as soon as we get to know the best ways to do it. Some people love to clean, however, others of us really do not like the idea of having cleaning to do at all. We all know that cleaning is good and is very necessary, but, somehow we just want to shy away from such tasks. Here is a twist to everything. If we find out some quick hacks around the cleaning game, we feel more like we are in control. That’s when we start to like the idea of managing some cleaning tasks. Here are 10 awesome cleaning hacks you need to know to get that cleaning blood pumping!

Steel Wool Hack

Make a convenient cleaning tool by attaching a ball of steel wool to a washing brush. For this to work, the bristles of the brush have to be shortened on the area that the steel wool will be attached.

This will prevent the brush bristles from getting in the way of the steel wool when it is working. Easily cut off some of the brush bristles to about half the length using a scissor.

Squeeze on the steel wool to fit firmly onto the brush and use to scour with ease.

Here Is A Convenient Way To Use Bar Soap

Cut open a sponge and cut a piece of bar soap in a good size to fit into the open sponge. Place the bar soap in the sponge and wash all the things you wish without running out of soap or stopping to get soap over and over again.

Get Fid Of Bad Odors In Your Fridge

Cut open a sponge and fill the hole with some baking soda. Place that sponge in the fridge and it will absorb the bad smells from your refrigerator.

Get Rid Of Ink Stains

If you have pen ink in your clothes, use some rubbing alcohol in a timely manner to get rid of the ink. Pour the rubbing alcohol onto the ink stain and rinse the stained area in a bucket of under running water. Repeat the process as many times as needed to remove the ink stain

Get Rid Of Hard Water Stains From A Faucet

Wet a rag or small towel and wrap around the faucet. Leave it there for up to two hours or overnight if possible. Remove the towel or rag and use a toothbrush to clean away the now soften hard water stain.

Use Salt To Clean Iron Face

Get rid of any stain on the face of your iron easily. Put a half sheet of grease paper onto your iron board. Place some salt onto the grease paper and spread it out. Rub the iron face vigorously on the salt to remove the caked-on substance. Wipe with a clean wet cloth and it is ready to use again.

Clean Toilet Bowl


Make a safe scent killer for your toilet bowl that helps to disinfect and refresh. In a spray bottle, pour two cups water 1 cup citrus vinegar and four healthy sprigs of thyme (dried or green) leave it to seep overnight and use it on your toilet bowl. Just spray all over and wipe with a dry cloth, leaving your bowl clean and refreshed.

How to clean fruits and veggies

When fruits and vegetables reach in our homes, they often have on them lots of pesticides and insecticides from the farm. These cannot be removed by just washing in water.

Remove pesticides and insecticides from your fruits using this easy homemade solution. Pour six cups of water in a bowl. Pour in half cup lime juice and one cup of vinegar. Pour in your fruits and veggies and soak them for three to five minutes. Remove and rinse with fresh clean water.

Easy way to clean blinds

Cut a hole in two sponges and insert both ends of a tong. Grab each blind and clean both top and bottom with ease. Damp the sponges if necessary to remove dust easier.

Citrus Skin faucet cleaner

Rub a lime, lemon or orange all over your faucet in a vigorous circular manner. The oils from the skin of these fruits will be extracted onto your stainless steel. Spread it with a damped microfiber cloth or a paper napkin. The faucet will be left with an awesome aroma and an insect repelling essential oil coating.

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