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Best Tips To Eliminate Skunk From The Garden – Springtime Cottage

This post was done on behalf of one of our regular visitors and commenters Sylvie.

Sylvie: Any essential oils to get rid of a sweet skunk!!!!

Springtime Cottage: Ha ha ha! Good one Sylvie!!!

Sylvie: I call it sweet cause it doesn’t spray and has been living under my shed for over a year. But I really do have one and I’m always scared after sundown that I will come face to face with it. I took a chance asking in case you had something that would bother its nose.


Skunks bothering you? No problem. Springtime Cottage has you covered.

At Springtime Cottage we prefer to give natural and eco-friendly solutions that will be of no harm to your health. This post may differ just a bit. We do apologize but we want to be as practical as possible.

We know how the regular methods of trying to get rid of skunks are sometimes challenging and a lot of them are not as effective as we would want them to be.

Getting a sprinkler with a motion sensor is one of the regularly recommended methods. But somehow the skunks can at times find their way around the yard without being detected by the sensors.

There is also another method of getting motion sensor lights, it is a good security feature but sometimes we are not prepared to put that in the budget immediately.

There is another method of turning on some noise such as music because they hate noise but this could disturb your neighbor.

Here are the methods I find to be most effective in bothering their noses:


Use a D.I.Y Skunk Bomb!

They think they are the masters of scents but we can do much better!

Step 1. Wrap two or three rags together into a ball and tie them with a piece of cord to let them keep the ball shape.

Step 2. Mix some Ammonia with red wine and soak the ball or balls in the solution.

Step 3. Throw it into the hole that the skunk love to hide in. And there you have no more of the pesky critters.

Solution #2 Mothballs

Get some mothballs and place five into a small plastic bag. Crush one or two of the mothballs to get some intensity. Poke lots of holes into that plastic bag and throw in the lodge areas of the skunk. Works like a charm for both mama and baby skunks.


There are a few traps such as Ztrap or Racoon trap which are more technical but can work also.



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