How to get rid of fleas from your cat and eliminate them from your entire home.

Fleas are very annoying to pets, and if they get the chance they will do the same thing to humans as they do to pets. They are parasites that suck the blood from their hosts. The most annoying thing about fleas is that they are very hard to kill by hand. When you may kill ticks easily, fleas will just fly away after you press on them with your hand. In the same breath when fleas are scratched off by your pets, they just return to another place on their bodies.

Here we offer you some ways to deal with fleas as it relates to your cat and your home.

Cats are among the most adorable pets there is. If you have one at home, you may want to know how to get rid of fleas. Even if you are not facing this problem at this time, it could be really useful for the future.


How can your pet get fleas?

It is very easy for fleas to fly from one infested pet to your pet. Or from an infested area and on to your pet. The flea’s eggs can also be passed on through contact with your pet from another animal.

How fleas affect your cats 

Fleas bite your cat and drink a bit of their blood. While one flea may only take a small amount of blood, when they lay their eggs and start to multiply and the environment gets heavily infested, your cat could suffer from anemia due to the extreme blood loss from the thousands of bites it may face consequently. If this is not treated in time it could lead to death.

Your cat, in this case, will be scratching all the areas that it feels a bite which may lead to skin irritation and hair loss.

If your cat is allergic to the saliva of the fleas, they can develop a skin condition called flea bite dermatitis. In such a case you may want to visit your vet.

How to detect if fleas are present on your cat?

Firstly: If you see your cat scratching excessively, it could be the first sign that fleas are present.

Secondly: If you see small black pepper looking things on their skin or in the place that your cat played, it could be another sign of fleas being present.

Thirdly:  If your cat has any bumps or the skin seems to be irritated, or if the cat seems to excessively groom itself. That is a sure sign that fleas are present. So you may want to take immediate action.


Fleas carry tapeworms! As your cat grooms himself he will eat some of those fleas and the tapeworms will then live inside of his intestine. The tapeworms will also lay eggs inside their hosts. This is not good for your cat!



Kindly note that if your cat has fleas, your house is totally infested! It is no myth that 95% of fleas live in the environment and only 5 % live on your pet. That means killing fleas on your cat alone will not get rid of fleas.

The places that they will reside in your home are – cracks in the floors, carpets, sofas, bed sheets, mattresses, pillowcases and so on.

To get rid of fleas from your cat, there are two major steps to take to ensure that the problem is fixed.

Bathe the cat! and Deep clean the house!


First: gather flea comb, Dawn dish soap, and hot water.

Mix about 1 liter of hot water with 2 to 3 teaspoons of Dawn dish soap.

Dip the flea comb in the hot water solution and comb out all the fleas you possibly can. This method will not get rid of all the fleas.

The next best thing is to bathe the cat in the same warm water and Dawn’s dish soap solution. The soap is good at killing the fleas and will not harm your cat.

When bathing your cat starts from the head as the fleas will try to run and hide in that area.

Deep cleaning the house

After bathing the cat, isolate it from the house and get on to the deep cleaning.

All the areas of flea concentration such as places where the cat sleep, your sofa, your beddings and all possible clothing that fleas could be lodged in. These should be washed down properly and any cushions, towels and or cloths should be totally discarded if you can afford to do so. If not they should be properly soaked in very hot water and soap solution. Salt can also be added to the soak to help kill the flea’s eggs.

Use Essential Oils – peppermints is not good for cats

The next step is to use a spray bottle and make a solution with rubbing alcohol and any of the following essential oils using 10- 20 drops of oil to a cup of rubbing alcohol or warm water: Lavender, cedarwood, or rosemary essential oils. These are the oils that are safe for your cat. Spray this in all the nooks and crannies that you think the fleas could lodge or try to escape.

Spray the whole house morning and evening for at least four weeks to totally eradicate the fleas. For best results, it is advisable that you bathe the cat once per week for the same four weeks also.

Now go get those fleas off your lovely cat!


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