Sleeping well has become an issue for many of us.

Here are the plants can use for your bedroom!




Lavender is well known for its wonderful fragrance. But did you know that this plant’s fragrance induces sleep? It is also known to lower stress levels and blood pressure.

This beautiful plant has the ability to bring about calm when the aroma is inhaled. Therefore giving a tranquilizing effect and making you have the most restful sleep you ever experienced.


This plant gives off a scent that has a sedative effect which will definitely help you to keep calm and sleep much better. Since ancient times it has been known to promote a more positive sleeping pattern as it dispenses its sweet aroma.

It has been rated as one of the best plants to help with sleep efficiency. Place one at your bedside and see the difference.

Snake Plant

This elegant plant is so neat and makes up for your home decor in so many ways. It’s air purifying ability is similar to the aloe vera plant.

The snake plant releases oxygen during the nighttime, making your bedroom’s air fresher and cleaner, naturally- giving you a sweeter and more peaceful sleep.


The Gardenia plant is said to be an effective plant for treating insomnia, anxiety and poor sleep. It is said that the Gardenia has the ability to induce sleep like sleeping tablets, and is really effective in doing so.

Research shows that some people truly rely on this plant and its ability if they are prescribed with mood enhancers or sleeping pills.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera plant is an active air purifier which helps to eliminate toxins from the air. With better air comes better sleep. Aloe vera plant releases oxygen at night, making for a night of more restful beauty sleep.

Aloe  Vera is easy to care and require very little attention. It is hard to die so it is one of the best choices if you do not have a green thumb. Keep it at a strategic location to absorb lots of sunlight.

Spider Plant

This plant is an active air purifier. It works in the same way as Aloe vera and Snake plant. With a more purified air comes more effective and efficient sleep ability.

The more peaceful you sleep, the more beautiful you will be. Spider plant has an ability to remove a huge percentage of harmful formaldehyde from the air you breathe. 

So, refresh the air you sleep in by placing one or two of these plants at your bedside.

English Ivy

If you are bothered with breathing problems, the English ivy has been known to improve symptoms of allergies and asthma as it has the power to clean up to 94% of airborne feces and 78% of airborne mold.

If you can have improved breathing ability, you will definitely have better and more effective sleep.  This plant is a trailing plant, so it is better kept on a tall shelf or in a hanging basket.

So go ahead and let nature help you to get the best sleep you ever wanted.



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