Convenience has become the order of the day for most people these days. Oh especially for millennials. Older folks are slowly adopting the fast pace life but most of them seem to prefer their good old days’ way of life. And this  and this simple but smart trick will strike up so many sparks when we finally see how easy it is for us to clean something fast that might have been a headache if this method was not found

Quick Note: According to some research liquids can get superheated in a microwave and “explode”. This is not usual, but it is possible. Bubbles will not form on a smooth surface, so if you are microwaving liquids in an absolutely smooth container no bubbles will form (i.e. the liquid won’t boil) until it is nudged. This can cause an explosion into boiling when you open the microwave or try to remove the bowl. But don’t worry too much; most consumer bowls and cups are not flawlessly smooth. Even things like glass that feel smooth to the touch still have minor imperfections in the surface that will allow bubbles to form. Also, the turntable in the microwave should nudge the liquid enough to allow it to boil while the bowl rotates in the microwave. But it never hurts to be safe, so one little piece of advice is to drop a toothpick in your bowl; bubbles will be able to form on the wood, causing the water to boil without exploding.

How to clean a microwave with no hassle at all.

You will Need :

1 Microwavable Bowl

White Vinegar



Essential Oil (lemon)

Place 1/4 cup of vinegar and 1/4 cup water in the microwaveable bowl a teaspoon of lemon essential oil.

Place that bowl into the microwave and shut the door properly. Run the microwave for 5 minutes and then leave the door closed for an additional 3 minutes to steam. The vinegar will help to melt any grease and the food particles will also soften and be ready to get wiped away.

Open the microwave door and use a damped cloth or sponge to wipe away all the residues from the sides top and corners. Remove the plate and wipe the bottom of the microwave and be sure to wipe that plate nice and clean too. For a refreshing scent you may use some lime juice on the same piece of cloth or sponge to give the inside of it another wipe. Do not close the microwave immediately with the moisture inside let some air pass through for five or so minutes while you do something else. Air drying is good to prevent any mildew from forming and any scent from developing.

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