Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are among the gorgeous features in any modern home, it is one that you want to protect as much as you possibly can. To keep your hardwood floors clean and looking like new it is important to clean them without causing any present or future damage. So understanding how to do it goes a far way. If you are used to cleaning any floor using lots of water and sud slopping around and think that it is the easiest way to get a lot of the dirt off your deck, that is a big no-no for wooden floors. Any excess water on hardwood floors can cause discoloration, swelling and cracking. A polyurethane finished wooden floor can protect agast the excess water but it is still best to keep liquids off the wood.

Here are some tips to assist you in maintaining your wooden floors

Attention to shoes

Develop a no shoe routine for your beautiful floor. For starters, most shoes (especially high heels) are very dense on the bottom and when our body weight is applied it can cause dents, scratches and even gouges depending on the type of shoes worn and the body weight of the person wearing the shoes. To top that off, we may never know what is stuck to the bottom of our shoes that can either leave a smelly mess, awful smudges and stains, dents or ugly scratches that are hard to get out or expensive to repair. With such information in mind, you may want to kindly ask your guests to remove the shoes from off their feet before getting settled. If you are you are thinking that it is too much to ask of your guests, you may want to lay rugs, carpets, and liners in high traffic areas.

Dust off with microfiber cloth and vacuum as often as possible.

If the mop is to be introduced on the wooden floors ensure that the floor is properly dusted to prevent damage to the surface.

Use very mild cleaners for your floors. Green cleaners are recommended such as baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. But never use vinegar on any type of wood surface. It does no good for the wood because of the acidity. Besides, it can ruin your wood surface depending on the type of finish.

When introducing new cleaners to your wooden floor always test at an inconspicuous area before fully applying to your beautiful floors.

Dealing with spills

The first types of spills and sometimes the most frequent are food and drink spills. Never worry too much about the food spills as hydrogen peroxide can remove the stains and baking soda is good for eliminating bad orders.

Pet poop

Pets are just very adorable and we find them hard to resist. But sometimes we have to deal with some accidents they might have to create. Hmmm. Wipe up poop asap with paper towels. Do a second wipe to ensure that there are no marks on the paper towel. Then get a wet cloth and wipe with hydrogen peroxide to disinfect the area. Now time to deal with the scent. Use baking soda to sprinkle onto the area and let it sit for 2 hours then wipe. The area should be well disinfected and by this time without odor. For better assurance tip a few drops of essential oil on the spot.

Crayon marks and oil spills: freeze the area with an ice pack, then gently scrape off the wax or hardened oil with a credit card
Burns and scuff marks: use a very small amount of rubbing alcohol.

Nail polish: use a tiny bit of rubbing alcohol or Mineral Spirits
Bloodstain: Sponge it with cold water of hydrogen peroxide

Removing urine from wooden floor!!!
When we think of urine many things come to mind…. smelly, stains, bad pets, baby or cats. Urine has a strong scent because it is very high in uric acid.

Here are some steps to take……. 1 if it occurs in your sight, don’t worry you can actually treat it easier. Blot it up immediately and wet the area with water mixed with baking soda and essential oils. Dry it up and repeat that process about three times. This will dilute the concentration of ammonia in the urine while deodorizing the area at the same time with an effort to give it a fresh scent.

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