A mattress is one of the most trusted pieces of furniture in the entire world. It is where we lay our entire bodies and sometimes naked bodies too. But how much do we care for this valuable piece of furniture?

Not to sound scary of over exaggerate on this subject, but mattress may contain sweat stains, urine stains and other body fluids, dust mites, bed bugs and other microorganisms which you do not want on your clothes, sheets and most certainly- NOT on your body.

A clean mattress is way more comfortable and reassuring than one that is in a state where we are not so sure. Have you ever been to a camp where you sleep on those small mattresses that can hold only one person? Or have you ever visited friends or family and the guest room is not in the best state ever? The truth is that we do not really pay much attention to our guest rooms so the built-up dust and maybe some unwanted bugs here and there may take away from the beauty and freshness that makes it so desirable.

The next you visit a friend or family member and want a fresh clean mattress especially if you are traveling with a baby you want to ensure that you have the cleanest space possible. Or if you are going to a camp where the mattresses there are used over and over by other people. Take the following items with you for a cleaner and more comfortable sleeping experience.

How do we get a clean mattress?

Without the time to use certain cleaning agents that will make visual stains disappear, use the following

Rubbing alcohol

Baking Soda

Essential Oils (Lavender or Orange works well)

Rubbing Alcohol Method

Use a small spray bottle to combine about a half cup of rubbing alcohol and four drops of essential oil. Spray all over the mattress and it will eliminate germs and bad scents.

Baking Soda Method

Sprinkle Baking Soda all over the mattress, let it sit there for 30 minutes then vacuum. The mattress will now be much fresher than ever before.

Both Methods can be applied to a camp but you might have to just dust off the baking soda as the convenience of a vacuum may not exist.

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