Here are seven things to throw out to enhance the beauty of your home.

1. Old newspaper

These are sometimes kept for many reasons and sometimes for no reason at all. But the fact that they are old news means that you can live without the. If you ever want to look back in time on some things you can search the internet. or better yet, use a smart phone to take a picture of the information and save it on google cloud.. you wont ever loose it that way.

2. Unwanted toiletries

These may include, little packets of soaps, lotions, shampoos, conditioners, old hair brushes, combs and containers that has things not used for the past six months. Not because you are saving it but just that you do not have a reason to use them. If they are in good using condition, donate to a charity. if not… kick it out.

3. Old and overused clothes and beddings

sometimes we have old clotes and bedding that we just are not ever going to wear again, we keep them in our closets and they not only take up space, they take away the good warm feeling of coziness. Do not think about it. just pack them up and either donate or throw all away.

4. Old medicine and cosmetics

In most homes we have some medicines put down for a long time. sometimes they have even expire. We also have old make up kits, lip sticks, nail polishes, hair products that are just taking up space. Clear them out. Make every nook and cranny of your home look and feel tidy… you will be so happy you did.

5. Pantry Degraders

These may include old spices, nuts and grains that only a close look under a microscope would reveal the many micro-organisms that have grown on these items. Most dried food products have a two years expiry, however if they were opened times before this might increase the amount of micro-organisms inside and decrease the shelf-life. Also to note; they can cause other things to spoil especially through cross contamination. This is dangerous. Get rid of them now!

6. Picture Frames and artwork

We may have some of these things packed away or hanging around and no longer need the sentiment that was attached. As humans we have to live and let some things go as we sometimes have to let go off the bad people in our lives and move on to higher plain. That piece of artwork may be worth selling on craigslist or donate it to the local library.

7. Product Packages

Sometimes we purchase a product and the package is so full of charm that you do not want to get rid of it. These cause clutter. if there are no uses for them do not hoard. Throw out those boxes, plastic and other containers you have no use for. New packages will always come so make space for that.

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