Your home should be the happiest place on earth. The way you feel while you are home is very important. Happiness is the main reason for having a home in the first place. But having a happy home totally depends on you and what you do to achieve such happiness. Start a happiness plan by first making it up in your mind to be happy and be determined to achieve it. Then start changing your outer environment to suit your happiness needs.

These suggestions may not all be applicable to you but use those that you can and be as practical as possible in getting your happiness to the place you want it to be!

 Here are some practical ideas for a happier home! Enjoy!

1. Get lots of candles- light up your soul


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Candles are wonderful to keep. They represent love, romance, danger, courage, celebration, remembrance and much more. Just that small flicker of flame that warms the heart and can speak to us in so many ways. So store them up in all sizes, shapes and for all the purposes you can think of….. so for a nice and cozy evening date-candles, someones birthday-candles, for a nice time reading by yourself-candles and if you want some sensual aroma in the house of course candles does the trick. Have them at your happy times and sad times and for all seasons…. you only win with Candles.

2. Decorate

The walls and bricks make a nice house, but a house is not a home till you add your personality and that special touch that oozes presence and life. Add an awesome picture on the wall you pass most often, get on those walls the color that best suits you and makes you feel cheerful every time you see it. Get a few new cushions, mix and match the colors as you like, and a classic vase with a spectacular touching flower for the centerpiece for your table.  Look up ideas on the internet to make your dream more realistic.

3. Music

How about setting up a home theater or an entertainment system. Make it easy to start up like just at the push of a button. Add quality content to your system such as your favorite music, inspirational and motivational audios if you like. In the same breath, audiobooks can work magic, as you can be learning while doing other things…..On the other hand paperback books also have a great effect on helping to get a good insight into the minds of the greatest minds that ever lived.

Because home is where you can do what you want, feel free to write a song and record yourself singing it…. even if you are not a singer-do it. And if you want to take it a step further and send the recording to a friend- do it… let them laugh but first, you have to be willing to laugh at yourself… ie if you are not a singer….just call up a friend and say “this one is called” “I fired my boss” and let the song do the rest.

4. Stock up on food smartly

We are living in a world where disasters are likely to occur, loved ones are likely to pass away, sources of income are likely to sometimes fail. The comforts we enjoy today are likely to change in days to come. No one knows what the future holds for us. the best and most important thing for us to do is to be prepared for the worst. In this case, we will only speak of putting away some foods that may well be of the best of help in case of an emergency. Putting away food preserves such as Jams, Jellies, Dried Fruits and other non-perishables can really enhance our happiness in giving comfort to our subconscious mind that at least that part of our lives is covered- “just in case” Our grannies always stored away something for a rainy day, how about supersizing the amount that grannies usually put away? Too many times we underestimate the term “rainy day”. And sometimes it just happens literally where rain keeps us in our houses for longer than we plan. Keep in mind that every year has time for some good rainfall. We do not want flooding to take place at all – but this does not mean that it will not happen. The best we can do for ourselves and our loved ones is to be prepared.

5. If you like Pets… get one!

Sometimes while walking a dog, it is quite interesting to note that we meet up with some of the most wonderful people on the planet. Some of the kindest hearts who are lovers of pets will just feel free to introduce themselves to you, just so they can have a small moment with that cute critter of yours. Does this ring a bell? Well, even many dates are won in this manner….. and they live happily ever after…. or not.

Caring for another life can bring so much joy and happiness to us and sometimes in the most astonishing ways that we cannot even fathom the reality if it. Yes, they may poo on your beautiful lawn, but they can be potty trained. Yes, you might have to give them a bath every now and then, but don’t you just love to see them looking all clean and shiny? A visit to the vet may be necessary sometimes, but do we not keep up with our health even just a tiny bit? Pets have a way of making us happy and feel fulfilled…. having one can really enhance the way we feel on a day to day basis. So give them a chance to be happy too.

6. Scented Plants

A sweet aroma creates a sense of joy and fulfillment, by placing scented plants in different areas of the home so that a fusion of fresh aroma greets the taste buds of our olfactory system every time we pass and we “fall in love all over again.” Additionally, Plants gives oxygen and utilize carbon dioxide, in other words, they purify the air. Some plants even help us sleep better… But that is for another post, right? The presence of beauty gives an uplifting feeling, caressing the mind with its blissful details. Whenever we look squarely in someone’s eyes and say ” you are beautiful” it is magical…. it is saying to that person you “caress and comfort my mind with your presence” If that person carries a scent that we love, we fall deeper into them unconsciously. This is exactly what happens when we have beautiful flowers in our homes. They look beautiful and they smell awesome. Each time we inhale the awesome aroma we want to say to them thank you for being you.

7. De-clutter and enjoy the benefits

Our homes are sometimes filled with loads of unnecessary junk. These are things we feel like we will need at some point in the future. That is a common lie we tend to believe and it cause us to slowly become hoarders. After we gather these many unwanted items we feel cluttered. We feel like we need a bigger space, we cannot cope with how small the house has become and that our home makes us feel frustrated. It is not our home that is the problem in this case but we who have so gathered so unnecessarily. Here is what might be a good solution; first put away some things you find that you are not using on a day to day basis. If six weeks have passed and you still have not used them, and you know honestly that you do not have those things stores for anything specific. It means you do not need them so, do this; identify a charity and donate things you do not want. This will give you a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction to know that you are contributing to a worthy cause…. plus it won’t cost you much at all. Then you will be de-cluttering your home in the process. Having a clear space makes everyone feel good. That is why the hotels have so much clear spaces. Give your home a five-star hotel feeling- by de-cluttering.

8. choosing the right lighting for your home

Let there be light! There is nothing that is as heartwarming and soulful as gorgeous lights that greets us when the time gets dark.  Choose lights that make your home feel and look warm, cozy and welcoming. Fairy lights, string lights, colored and all types. Make it your style.

Bonus: Want true moments of happiness?

Set up a kiddies corner

Store some ice cream in your freezer, and have candies, cookies and storybooks locked away somewhere…. how about some toys and games then invite kids over from close by and treat them when it is not a school day. If you have children they will enjoy making new friends. Kids can be a bit of a handful sometimes, but they are so much fun.

Now ain’t this a brave venture. Whether you have kids at home or not, it is good to be an inspiration to our small people. It works wonders in giving us this therapeutic feeling that no expensive spa can ever offer. Sometimes when we steer into the eyes of a child a thousand pieces of our souls get put back in place and we float away….. as we see life….. through different eyes.

This was a risky suggestion and not practical for everyone… but the memories that children can create might just make this the best suggestion of them all! Remember that if it is your home- do what makes you happy. And Happy you shall be.

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