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13 Awesome Life Lessons From The Amish People – Springtime Cottage

The Amish people are becoming more and interesting as the years go by. They are significantly increasing in numbers all over South America. Their interesting way of life has won the attention of news reporters and a whole nation of curious people who want desperately to find out how these long-bearded people with their carts and buggies are living. One interesting fact is that they seem to have mastered the art of living off the grid.

Springtime Cottage has also found the lifestyle of the Amish people to be quiet interesting and has gathered some facts we would love to share with you. Here are 13 ways to hack your way through life like the Amish people.

1. True Loyalty

Firstly the Amish stay true to what they believe in. Secondly, they are faithful to their spouses having only one, and stands up to the responsibilities of their children and thirdly, they stay close to family and community.


2. Learn to be Frugal

13 Awesome life hacks from the Amish People

In this fast-paced world, we get up out of bed fast, we commute to work fast, our bosses want us to work fast, we drive home fast, we eat fast food and eventually we die fast; what a life… let us stop and slow down a little. The Amish learn to slow down and make the best out of life by doing what matters most. Homesteading, love, loyalty, faith and proper nutrition are among some of what the Amish people focus on. This causes them to live healthier and happier lives than the regular people in society. Did you know that most of the Amish people do not have cancer? Read on to see if we can identify any reason why this is so.

3. Learn how to bond together

The oldest institution in the world is the family. This is a very important and direct part of the life of the Amish people. They even homeschool their children as a means of keeping them close to enjoy more family time, work together in their businesses and get maximum yields. Let us analyze this way of living and see if it would make a difference in us achieving more out of life.

4. Grow our own food

This is the normal practice in Amish communities. In regular society today, most of us wait till our health is in a depleting state before we start eating natural foods. If possible we can plant some of the foods we eat at home so we can eliminate some costs and have some good healthy foods at our disposal. Some of the foods we can plant are green leafy vegetables in pots and even create hanging gardens if we are limited on space around the home.

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  1. In this world of ours now we could learn a lot from the Amish people. Firstly faithfulness to one another. There are so many dysfunctional families now because of infidelity. Our children our suffering the effects of this. Enjoyment in growing your own produce as well as the wholesomeness.
    The only problem though is the subservience if the women. This therefore takes us back in time to where the women were second class to men. I myself do not like that side of the Amish culture.

    • Mama Cook

      I once heard “treat your husband like he’s king and you will be his queen”…believe it or not it works!!! When I finally gave my husband the honor he deserves (out of love and loyalty/ not pressure from him), I’ve never been cherished so much! 31 years later…these are the best years yet!!!

      • I couldn’t agree more. I used to balk about being told I was supposed to obey my husband. Until I realize that if my husband loves me as much as God loves the church like he’s supposed to then he would never ask me to do something that would hurt me or degrade me or be wrong in any way. I’ve never felt more loved than when I started loving my husband like the Bible tells me to, and it does not mean that I’m subservient.

        • Springtime Cottage

          Excellent. Love that Misty!

      • Adrienne

        That’s good advise. I’m struggling with that now.

  2. LaWanna Brand

    The men do men’s work and are happy to do it, women do women’s work and are happy to do it. Their is no battle of sexes in the Amish world. Men are treated like the King and women are treated like the Queen. Children are taught by the parents and are disciplined by the parents. Once of age they can stay or go, most stay. I respect the Amish people.

    • Springtime Cottage

      I really love this comment, thank you so much. We really respect them also. That is why we will only write the positive things about the amish.Have a wonderful week LaWanna Brand.

  3. Really great read. And the comments are wonderful too. But at 42 and being a man it seems like the majority of women my age seem to feel lesser staying at home. And as one comment stated “doing women’s work”. I’d make a great stay at home dad. Lol. I’d have meals prepped and work in the yard all day. And very happily at that. ?

    • Springtime Cottage

      Ok Sir. Nothing wrong with that at all. Men can be very good at house work too. I love helping my wife around the house. We bond so much and she has a thousand thanks to give me when the night falls. Ain’t nothing better…. smile!