About us

Springtime cottage is a blog aimed at motivating, educating and inspiring people to live happier and fuller lives. We focus mainly on self-help content, Money saving ideas,  DIY, better home living, Preparedness, Frugal life, Natural health and some creative recipes.

Why we use this name? One of the most prosperous and fruitful time of the year is spring. After the harsh coldness of the winter snow, it is the time for plants to grow back leaves to provide shade for the summer months. We want this blog to be that time for you. If you are going through a hard time in your life or have been through some tough and cold patches- this is the website we hope to give you that fresh feeling of growth and development. So that you can provide strength and reassurance (shade) for the people around you.

We chose the word cottage as it to remind out users of a getaway from hassle and day to day confusion. At some time in our lives, we grow tired of the city, and city life and would much prefer some time away in a cottage in the woods. Many writers take this as the best way to get their books done. This is why we are called springtime cottage.

We hope to make you our readers become a better person at the read of every post.


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