Let us all be honest here, shall we? We love to have a good and clean bathroom, so we get it clean. Ten minutes later someone goes to do number two and all your efforts are down the drain. There goes that stinky smell in the bathroom once more.

In order to get this under control, we get something called a Poo Pourri. Because we may not have the store-bought one all the time we have to make a copycat Poo Pourri and it will have to suffice.

First of all, what is Poo Pourri?

If a child asks I’d say, it is a spray used to kill the scent of your poo when you go to do number two. Evil grin- he he he.

If an adult asks, just say; because you eat meat, it helps the toilet to smell sweet after you sit and tweet! Ha!

Fun and joke aside, sometimes we have very destructive bombs to drop and it can leave the bathroom smelling – you know the rest.

But if you have this copycat Poo Pourri Spray you can easily drop that bomb and not let the whole house be in shambles. For what it’s worth, you owe it to yourself to have a little private moment with your toilet seat without everyone turning up the nose.

So here is how you make that well-needed scent depressant to help you in times of need.


2-ounce spray bottle

2 teaspoons vegetable glycerine, dish soap or fabric softener

1 teaspoon rubbing alcohol

12drops wintergreen essential oil

6 drops peppermint essential oil

Distilled water


Add the ingredients to the spray bottle in the order as listed, then fill the bottle to the neck with distilled water. Label the bottle and place it strategically where it can be accessed. Place a sticky note over the toilet bowl that reads, if doing number two grab the Poo Pourri and make two spritzes into the bowl before sitting. And two right after!



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