Question: How Does one make a million dollars?

Answer: There are several ways. One way is to create a subscription program where 1000 people pay you 84 dollars per month for 12 months – boom! You earn Over one Million dollars in just one year!

Create a product for $42 and sell to 2000 people per month for 12 months – boom! =$1008,000

Pro NOTE: If you have value to offer and you have no money, you are not poor- you are just broke-for the moment.

Broke is temporary, poor is eternal…….Robert T. Kiyosaki– Rich Dad Poor Dad.

How to Make a Million Dollars

The making of money seems to be the biggest topic on most people’s mouth or mostly on their mind these days. Apart from sex, there may be no other topic so popular, and the reason is clear. Money can give you choices and when you have choices you feel freer to live the life you desire and help to make this world a better place as a whole.

When we speak of making one million dollars we are not speaking of it in a figurative manner. We are absolutely adamant to show you the mathematical formula to make one million dollars and when you learn this you will find out that it is absolutely duplicatable. If you can find yourself doing this over and over without fail, in time you will become a multimillionaire.

Do not think of any form of failures you may have had in the past, you are in the learning game and you must learn that the richest people in the world fail over and over and never stop until they reach their desired result. The best thing you can do for yourself is to keep the end result in your mind. Never lose sight of it and never stop working until you reach that desired end.,

If you lose sight of your desired end you will not reach it. If you set a ship at sail without a captain and no one to guide that ship you cannot just look for it to arrive at any specific destination. Put yourself in that same position. Be the captain of your ship and steer it to that desired end.

Before you set out on your way to earning this money, ensure first of all that you will only do good and honest ventures as any other will end up with a negative result. It is by doing good for other people that we get good things are done to us and that simply how the world go round. Just like you feel like tipping a waiter when he offers you excellent service.

Take a closer look at how the companies that are owned by the richest men such as Microsoft- Bill Gates, Amazon – Jeff Bezos and Facebook – Mark Zuckerberg. These companies help millions of people to become millionaires. And as we all can see these companies help you and me to make our lives better. The more lives you make better, the better your life will be.

With that out of the way let us look at the ways to make that million dollars. Kindly note that we promise to show you the ways but we did not promise you that it was going to be a walk in the park. It takes working your but off. And that is a wonderful thing because if it were easy, everyone would be millionaires. So it is hard – but it is practical.

Take the steps to reach the goal and you will be there. Remember that the end result is what you want so if one method fails to get you there, brush yourself off and use another method. Take time out to learn from the failures and go forward with more strength and fire as you are more powerful than before.

Be quick to test things on paper! You can map out the possible pitfalls and ask for advice from some experienced people.

Million Dollar Plan# 1

Write several books especially from the categories on Amazon that are in high demand.

If you like to write and want to make good money from it do this.

Go to Amazon and find the category of books that are selling the most. Write those books!

When writing books, keep two things in mind.

one: Try to be prolific. Write as many books as possible and just throw them out there. The writers who are successful in writing normally have a few books out before they make a big hit.

Two: You do not have to make any big hits to become a millionaire, you just need to have several books that are selling on an average basis and they will all add up. Just keep publishing them as fast as you can write them.

Here is a great example for you: Amanda Hocking who was broke but by no means poor, as she has an interesting story of writing several books and could not get a single one to be published by a publishing house. She decided to self-publish a few of them on Kindle as a means to make up $300 to go to an event. One month after she published those she made $20,000. She then published all of what she had and within two years she made over 2.5 million dollars with books that no publishing house wanted.


Million Dollar Plan# 2

Start A Blog! Start A Blog! StartA Blog! and I will say this again, Start. A. Blog!!!

Speaking of books, the best way to get your book in front of an audience that knows your voice and trusts your content is to start a blog. There are many ways to make money as a blogger. The best way to get a ton of money flowing in your bank account is to take advantage of most if not all the avenues that a blog opens for you to make money.

What exactly is a blog? A blog or weblog is a space on the internet that you can purchase and put the content you want to be in front of an unlimited amount of people who accesses that content on the internet. If you like cars and you chose to create a blog about cars, people who also like cars may find your content if you just promote your content aggressively on social media.

How to make money with a blog? Instead of giving you all the definitions in the book, allow me to direct you to someone who is making money and the ways she is using her blog.

Michelle Gardner From the blog making sense of cents shows her income report: How I Made $1,536,732 In 2017 – My December Online Income Report and Annual Wrap Up. Take a look here.

You will find some very applicable examples there.


Million Dollar Plan #3

Use the leverage of social media to gain some popularity and sell products.

The power of social media is sometimes undermined and underutilized. If you are popular on any social media platform you may just wave products in front of your followers and see how they respond. Based on demand you can start up a business and soar to great heights.

One good example of this is Gretta Van Riel. She started a line of products on Instagram called skinnyMe tea. After six months she was earning upwards of half a million dollars per month. During the times when she was launching the products, she even made one million dollars in one day in sales. It would be a good idea to read up in her as you may discover way more than we just mentioned. Hint- she started 5 successful multimillion dollar businesses in five years, so her story should be very interesting.


Million Dollar Plan #4

Become a youtube Star or Go viral on youtube!

If you go viral on youtube like certain singers and entertainers, you are sure to make money in the millions of dollars from youtube alone. But if you are not able to go viral quickly, do not worry. We have studied and seen YouTubers go from a few hundred thousand subscribers to upwards of 1.2 million subscribers in one year. While that may seem like a big number of subscribers and that it may be hard to reach, consider this: there is a youtube channel you may be familiar with called “The Bright Side” They started in the middle of 2017 and they and now they are at over a whopping 15 million subscribers with over 1400 videos published and this is middle of 2018.

Just pay close attention to the videos on youtube that have several million views. Do videos like those and your subscribers will grow indefinitely. People are mostly interested in the same things but it all depends on how things are presented to them which will determine your growth.


 Million Dollar Plan#5

Work for a Billionaire! This is one of the easiest ways to climb your way to riches. If you have value to offer and you can help someone who is a billionaire save time and make more money, it means that you are of value to them. This does not mean they will give you a huge part of their fortune asap! It means that you will automatically find yourself in a path of being trained and mentored for similar success. The best idea of all the ones listed above, or that anyone could give you to become a millionaire is to work for someone who is in the game and making it big. If if you play your cards right and get that person to like you, he will let you in on the ins and outs of the game, and if you are the type of person to quickly implement ideas you will find your path to success in no time.

Here are some golden nuggets to pick up on your path to success. Read these books and find within you the right ideas that suit you and your idea for success.

Think and grow rich,

See you at the top

How to win friends and influence people

Rich dad poor dad

These are just a few, to get you started and in them, you will find the path of life and the way of thinking of the most successful people in the world. None of these will require you to have a university degree to achieve the highest level of success that life has to offer.


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