If mosquitoes are a bother to you and you need some easy ways to ward off those annoying insects, here are some plants that are good to have in your house and around the yard. They are wonderful repellents.


These plants are very famous for keeping mosquitos away. Other products are made from them just for the very same reason for repelling mosquitos example candles, dried citronella centerpieces.


one of the most used essential oils and its not just for the great essence it gives off, it is very effective in repelling bugs. Mosquitos stay far from it so it is great to make a smart skin rub when you want to relax outside on your evening porch.


Hmmm, this wonderful herb is great for teas, spicing up meats and all kinds of other delicious dishes. Did you know it was also good for repelling the pesky mosquitos? well, turns out that it really server and an awful lot of purposes as a plant.



This is another plant that you would definitely want in your home. It resembles the citronella but it is also edible. Wonderful for making teas and a host of other culinary treats.


Is this not the most popular plant in the world, every you go there is mint tea. But here it is again with another very welcoming purpose. use this wonderful multipurpose plant to ward off the annoying pests from your home and in your chill spots in the yard



Another herb that chefs love to use and whip up a storm in the kitchen and make customers wonder how did they get the food to taste like that. It is such a tasty treat in so many dishes. so now that it is on this list you know what to do with it. Just grow enough so you can break a piece every now and then to brighten the taste of your food.



This plant contains a strong repellent called nepetalactone which is said to attract cats. But it works really in warding off mosquitos as the strong scent makes it much more effective. It is great to have in your yard to keep them mosquito at bay.


These wonderfully colorful flowering plants are great repellents for many bugs, but to top that off, they have some beautiful blossoms that would make your home look so amazing. Such a good pick for the summer!

The best thing about this set of plants is that they have other purposes that can assist you apart from repelling mosquitos. They are also low maintenance plants so you won’t have any extra work in having them around. Go ahead and give them try!


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