Dust can be a dangerous health hazard. It is hard to avoid dust entirely, but if we do not manage dust properly it could cause irritation to eyes and nose and can lead to more serious illnesses. The less dust we can encounter is the better and healthy our environment will be.Everyone breathes better in a home that isn’t so dusty because even for those without allergies dust acts as an irritant to your eyes, nose, and lungs.

What is dust made of?

Dust has a mixture of tiny particles of dirt, dust mites, animal hair, dead skins, feces and body parts of insects; rodents and humans, fibers of cloth, pieces of metals, fine wood particles, pieces of plastics and all other types of man-made materials. But when we think that it might stop there, it does not- dust contains lots and lots of micro-organisms some of which causes harm every now and then. Simply put, …..Dust = eewww!!!

Wherever there is air passing through dust will be present, just think about it. If you were to leave your home for an extended period of time when you return the amount of dust piled up all over the house might shock you. This is a natural way of how nature works and it is also the result of the many activities mankind has embarked on for the modernization or advancement of this era.

We might not be able to fully eliminate dust from our homes but we certainly can reduce the amount of dust that accumulates on flat surfaces, floors, and in fabrics and fibers. Consider these eight ways to reduce dust and have a more healthy breathing experience while you enjoy the shiny sparkle that a dust free environment portrays.

 So here’s how to get rid of dust in your home


Keep Outside Shoes At Bay

When a chicken (broiler chicks) farmer is entering the chicken coop, he has to step into a liquid sanitizer solution to sterilize the shoes so that he does not carry in any harmful bacteria to the chickens. Our shoes are good at picking up all sorts of dirt from all over and we sometimes walk into the house with all that accumulated dust on the shoes. We can reduce dust in the house by either keeping outside shoes in an outside designated area (until we clean them off), or keep a neat small box at the door with a bag neatly wrapped in it. As soon as we reach home and ready to get inside, take out that bag and place the dirty shoes in, tie the bag and put it away until you are ready to clean the shoe.


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    • Springtime Cottage Reply

      You are most welcome Patricia Booth. Thank you for visiting and for your kind words.

    • Nice article. Very useful. Thank you for it. A simple question : wouldn’t it be better if you could see the dust? You will know where to clean and if you cleaned well, no?

    • Springtime Cottage Reply

      You are most welcome Donna. Thank You for visiting and leaving such a priceless comment

  1. Yes, these suggestions are helpful. I cannot get my husband to remove his outside shoes. I know that would make a big difference. Thanks for more info.

    • Springtime Cottage Reply

      Rosalie, you are so welcome. Happy the information was of some help. So sorry about your husband not removing his shoes. I think you may have some company where that part is concerned. Hmmmmm. Maybe you could write a sweet but honest note that explains to him the advantages and disadvantages of removing his shoes. Then ask him which he would prefer. Leave the note where he must find it and be absent when he is reading it. Remember to win this you have to be as kind as possible and show that you understand his feelings also. Just a suggestion….. maybe it could help.

  2. Never thought of washing ourvpuppy’s feet after a walk or being at the dog park, good tip

  3. My sister thinks “my” cat is the reason for ALL the dust in the house. Big time dust she never opens a window never lets in any air the house….but my cat makes all the dust…smh

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